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Paintball: National Collegiate Championship May 18th on CBS

The 2013 National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA) College and High School Paintball Championships were held on April 19-21 at the Central Florida Paintball Field in Lakeland, Florida.  Fifty-five college teams and five high school teams competed in the event in more »

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Tactical Eyewear: When and When Not to Wear

    If you’re an extreme sports lover, you had better invest in tactical eyewear sooner rather than later. Wait too long and you could end up losing an eye or breaking a tooth. Seriously, wearing the right tactical eyewear more »

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Airsoft Masks: Covering Your Moneymaker

    As you compare airsoft masks, do you want something flimsy, soft, and cheap? Consider that you’re protecting your face and what you’re protecting it against: fast-flying plastic BBs with enough force behind them to knock out your teeth more »

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Tactical Goggles versus Mask in CQB

If you get a thrill out of participating in Close Quarters Battles (CQB), you might be on the fence when it comes to tactical goggles versus mask in CQB. Both are designed to protect your most valuable asset in CQB: more »

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Welding Spatter: How to Clean It Up and Prevent It Next Time

    Welding spatter, or slag, refers to those annoying drips of molten metal that screw up the appearance of your welding job. Apart from leaving a mess behind, there are other problems with welding spatter that you want to more »

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August Twitter Contest | Win Tactical Face Protection, Welding Helmet or SUM

Save Phace is the creator of the world’s sickest tactical face protection along with sick welding helmets and SUMs!  With tons of different styles, designs and uses, we guarantee you will find the mask you are looking for. This month we will more »

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Military Face Protection From Save Phace

Save Phace provides tactical face protection and military masks for airsoft training. Contact Save Phace for more information on military airsoft face protection. Continue reading

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Tactical Airsoft Games and Scenarios

10 Tactical Airsoft Games and Scenarios Playing paintball or Airsoft is more than just shooting everyone in sight.  There are a number of Airsoft games and paintball strategies you can use to make a really fun game with your team.  more »

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