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The Save Phace SUM – Face Protection Beyond Compare!

  Does your extreme sporting lifestyle and lack of face protection put you in situations where you’re constantly answering the question, “Dude, what happened to your face”? Do your playtime activities include periods of being pelted with sand, bugs, rocks, … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Face Masks: With our Without a Helmet.

Save Phace Makes Great Motorcycle Face Masks Unless you’re Bear Grylls or Les Stroud, you probably don’t want to eat bugs on a regular basis, especially while riding your motorcycle.  If you want protein, go eat a steak.  Save Phace … Continue reading

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15 Uses for a Save Phace Mask

15 Uses for a Face Mask Think that a Save Phace mask is just another paintball or Airsoft mask?  Think again.  Save Phace masks provide face protection for a number of different types of activities and extreme sports.  Here’s a … Continue reading

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Save Phace – The World Leader in Phace Protection

If you are looking for the world’s best Face Mask, Safety Shield, Safety Mask, Welding Helmets, Paintball Mask, Air Soft Mask, Military Training Mask, Boating Mask, Sport Utility Mask for ATV’s, Boats, Motorcycles, Sand Rails, Snow boarding, Snow Skiing, Snow … Continue reading

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