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Get the Job Done Right With a Save Phace Welding Helmet

  When looking to buy a new welding helmet, there are a lot of different capabilities you need to consider. Is it comfortable enough to wear during a long day of work? Does it offer adequate protection? Does it give more »

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Become a Top Sniper With Our Airsoft Mask

To be a sniper, you need to have a certain set of skills: strength, agility, catlike quickness and nerves of steel, etc.  So, how does an airsoft mask fit in? One of the most important aspects of being a hidden, more »

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Welding Spatter: How to Clean It Up and Prevent It Next Time

    Welding spatter, or slag, refers to those annoying drips of molten metal that screw up the appearance of your welding job. Apart from leaving a mess behind, there are other problems with welding spatter that you want to more »

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Staying Safe When Welding: Overcome the Biggest Challenges

Welding is crucial for joining materials in hundreds of industries, and since many delicate or specialized areas can only be handled by humans, you need to learn about staying safe when welding. There’s no other bonding technique used more widely more »

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EFP’s Adjustable Halo: The Welder’s Guardian Angel

In order to create the world’s best welding helmet, Save Phace interviewed 200 welders about what kind of halo system would be most beneficial for them. What they told us was that they were sick and tired of the current, more »

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EFP: The Best Welding Helmet in The World

Not all welding helmets are created equal. The kind of person who wears a Save Phace mask is a different breed of individual. Not only do they want their work to stand out from the crowd, but they, themselves, have more »

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Product Comparison: EFP Mask vs. Traditional Welding Helmet

Product Comparison: EFP Helmet vs. Traditional Welding Helmet When trying to determine the best welding helmet for your needs, it’s important to get all of the facts. For as many hours as you wear your welder helmet, you deserve a more »

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EFP Masks From Save Phace: The Extreme Face Protector

When it comes to working with metal, there is no substitute for having great equipment. Having the best welding helmet to make sure you get through your projects can be the difference between a clean bead and total crap. Most more »

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