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Become a Top Sniper With Our Airsoft Mask

To be a sniper, you need to have a certain set of skills: strength, agility, catlike quickness and nerves of steel, etc.  So, how does an airsoft mask fit in? One of the most important aspects of being a hidden, … Continue reading

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Airsoft Masks: Covering Your Moneymaker

    As you compare airsoft masks, do you want something flimsy, soft, and cheap? Consider that you’re protecting your face and what you’re protecting it against: fast-flying plastic BBs with enough force behind them to knock out your teeth … Continue reading

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Airsoft History and The Future of Face Protection Masks

By understanding a little bit about Airsoft history, we can see what the future of face protection masks looks like. Airsoft has been getting increasingly popular over the last few years and, in the United States, is often regarded as … Continue reading

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