Sell the Extreme Face Protector

If you are a retail distributor, and are the person responsible for looking for new products for your business we have a 15 day loaner program available. We can send you a loaner along with a UPS return label. You check it out, show it around and then return it to us after 15 days at absolutely no expense to you. Please note; this is not a free hood but if you should decide to keep it we can certainly run a credit card for its wholesale value.

  1. Sell the 1st & ONLY Welding Helmet in the World with 180 Degree lens design.
  2. Sell the 1st & ONLY Welding Helmet in the World WITH an ADF integrated into a 180 Degree lens design.
  3. We GUARANTEE the sale of our Product!
  4. Up to 25%-40% Margins!
  5. 65% of ALL buying decisions are based on Graphics!
  6. You’re gonna LUV our Swap Out Policy!
  7. Strictly Enforced M.A.P.!!!

Fill out the form to the right and we will SEND you an EFP to try.

Increase Revenue by Selling Our Revolutionary Welding and Grinding Mask.

Sell the world's first and only welding helmet with 180 degree view with ADF.
    You have to see one of these masks in person to appreciate just how awesome they are!

19 Responses to Sell the Extreme Face Protector

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  5. dan ,ivins says:

    i liked the pic so i’ed love to try it

  6. I noticed your ad on face book, i.m a AWS & ABS Welder and do alot of overhead and 6g welding how can i get one of them helmet to try ? Miller helmet break on me all the time any chance of get one to try

  7. larry Young says:

    That a sick fkn hood !!!!

  8. Charlie says:

    Don’t own a store but sure would like to try one.Where can I purcase one ?

  9. Tim Maxey says:

    Would like to try one of your masks. I have been using several other brand names and haven’t been impressed with them. How do I go about getting one to try? I do a lot of outside work in less than desireable conditions and the others just won’t hang! Help me, Please.

    • jsokoloff says:

      Sorry to hear that Tim! We stand behind our masks 100%. Give us a call and we’ll be able to talk to you about it! 1-800-989-1875 EXT.3

  10. charles corker says:

    i’m awelder and would really like to check your helmet out, could you let me know how i go about getting one.

    • jsokoloff says:

      Sure thing! Where are you located? We’ll see where there is a dealer near you or you can give us a call and we’ll help you out! 1-800-989-1875 Ext.3

  11. TimPetti says:

    I have a save phace , i have had alot of welding shields in the last 20 years of welding and i can say i will not buy any other shield . I had a part that broke on my shield you save phace give me a new part right then and there. Thanks for standing behind your product. I always say I don’t like my shield, I love my shield!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks , Tim Petticrew

  12. ernest.jin says:

    Dear Friend :
    Good day!
    I`s Ernest Jin, ENSEET of china, Wenzhou Essen Security Technology Co., LTD.
    We are a professional welding helmet production plant. The leading German technology, superior china manufacturing cost is to our advantage. We can provide OEM business.
    Please send your order requirements
    We participate the FABTECH 2015 Fair in Chicago. 2015 new products:EH-996, Professional, Large View. High definition, 101×94mm of Viewing Area(9494mm2),Dark Shade DIN 5-9,9-13.
    Maybe you are not in charge of purchasing. But as you know,We are always in a position to quote you the most advantageous prices for higher quality merchandise.price makes your product more competitive in the market. That means it will make your sell much easier.
    Please kindly forward this email to the manager of purchase. Or if you would like to,Please advise the email of your purchase.
    With best regards!

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