Types of Airsoft Guns – Part 1

17374 297284877493 297245407493 4551488 5716673 n 300x225 Types of Airsoft Guns – Part 1There is a wide variety of airsoft guns from which to choose, and the list is so long we had to divide it into two parts. This is Part 1, in which we go over some common varieties.


Generally the cheapest variety of airsoft guns, those in the spring-loaded category are commonly found in a handheld pistol form and require the shooter to cock the weapon before every fire. They’re the perfect choice for more casual or beginner players due to their reliability, durability, cost, and availability.

Although some high-end spring-loaded guns, such as sniper or shotgun types, easily compete with the more expensive varieties, spring-loaded airsoft guns are generally not acceptable for competitive play due to the difficulty of firing and inaccuracy at long range.

Automatic Electric Guns

Remakes of the popular AK-47 or M16 assault rifles would fall into this category. Simply by holding down the trigger, the shooter can let loose an entire clip of ammunition in a few seconds – sometimes up to 1500 BBs per minute. These are the most common type of airsoft guns and, although price differs radically depending on the area and the quality of the gun, most people should have no trouble finding an acceptable electric gun.

True to their name, these guns run on battery power and have the added bonus of not needing a manual cock before each shot. Unfortunately, one has to be careful with these guns – they can short-out and become useless in wet conditions.

Hybrid Guns

These guns are basically the same as the electric guns, but they often feature the added realism of a blowback and a muzzle flash. These are more common among collectors than players, though, as they are usually more realistic-looking and, in combat, the muzzle flash can give away your position.

Low-Powered Electric

These guns are generally not the preferred choice for competition. Their slower muzzle velocity causes the BBs to go off-target more than is desirable and, for the price, one could find a comparable and hardier spring-loaded gun. They are, however, relatively cheap and can simulate the rapid-fire capabilities of their bigger, badass relatives listed above.

Mid-Powered Electric

Mid-powered electrics are considered a close match to the competitive quality of high-end guns, but can be bought for as little as half the price. If you’re just looking for something to shoot around or have skirmishes with friends in your back yard, this is the type of airsoft gun for you. They aren’t as sturdy as the more expensive guns, and the muzzle velocity is still a bit slower than is necessary in a true competitive setting, but this variety is common among casual players and is a great pick for beginners.

If you have any questions or want to talk to those experienced with airsoft guns, visit us at SavePhace.com or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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Save Phace Real Reads: Fishing with Dean Rojas

Fishing with Dean Rojas
By Chris Mason

chris mason 222x300 Save Phace Real Reads: Fishing with Dean Rojas Save Phace is the creator of the world’s most amazing face protection, including the sickest tactical mask you’ll ever find. We’re all about protecting your head while you get into extreme sports like paintball, airsoft, fishing, ATV riding, and more. Here’s a story to get you going, from a Save Phace Phan who knows how to make an impression!

In October, the stage was set for the final tour stop of the WON Bass Pro/Am 2011 season, at Lake Mead in Nevada. I had already heard that the fishing was exceptionally tough there during U.S. Open in July, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. As if tough conditions weren’t enough, there is only so much you can do to prepare when you know you are going to be competing from the back deck. Now matter what you think you may be doing, the reality is that the Pro you draw for each day may have alternate plans.

So, with that in mind, the partner pairings inevitably end up being perhaps the most crucial point of the entire event. There are times when you draw somebody that is “just not on the right fish” or hasn’t found “the big ’uns.” Your draw might have been crushing it all week, but frontal conditions “killed their bite.” You could also very well draw a Pro who simply says, “Just bring two rods, we’re on ’em, and we’ll bring in a heavy bag for sure.”

Upon arrival for “The Draw,” I walked in and saw none other than Dean Rojas, the Frog man! Now, I’m no star-struck person by any means. Let’s face it: celebrity sightings out here in Southern California are pretty common. I immediately assumed one of my travel partners would draw him since that’s just how my luck goes. I ended up being called right after Dean was paired. Close, but no go. The next thing you know, I drew a nice guy that I have fished with before on the tour. He wasn’t particularly confident, but was happy since he knew we would fish hard and enjoy the day from our past experiences together. After we discussed our strategy for the following day, our conversation turned to the draws. He reminded me that the Day 2 draw is usually just a partner swap between the two pairs called after another. My mind started doing the math. That means I would either be paired with Dean or the guy who was called after us. I quickly made a few calls and verified. As it turns out, I WOULD be fishing with Mr. Rojas on Day 2!

Day 1 went very well and we ended up with a decent limit that placed us within striking distance for the money. I saw Dean on the ramp after Day 1 and tried to get the intel on what we would be doing the following day. He was fairly vague. I assumed that it was to protect his secrets from anyone I might tell that night, and I respected that.

Once on Dean’s factory Yamaha-powered Skeeter, I quickly started to see his wit and sense of humor. He was very personable and began to open up more as the day progressed. Let me tell you this: what differentiates other tournament anglers from elite guys like Dean is that he processes things and makes decisions so much faster on the water. Working behind him was like trying to vacuum up dust behind a mop! I found myself watching how he threw and where he threw, and asked questions when he hooked fish. I wanted to find out how he was getting them to bite and what he was doing different than other people who fish the same types of lures. I caught my fair share of short fish, and did land a nice smallmouth that we ultimately weighed in.

This was indeed a successful day on the water. Once the pressure of contributing to our limit was relieved, I seemed to do better. That also allowed us to talk about non-fishing-related topics and start to joke and laugh. I actually told him that my travel buddies suggested that I show up with nothing but frogs tied on every rod and say, “I’m all set Dean… let’s go get ’em.” (That would have been funny since there was ZERO frog bite going on.) He got a kick out of that. Now that our true personalities came out, Dean told me the story of his record Day 1 catch of 45.2 pounds. What an awesome achievement. I complimented him on reaching his personal milestone of competing in his 10th Bassmaster Classic this upcoming season. He seemed very proud of that accomplishment (who wouldn’t be?). Even when asked about other fellow Elite Series anglers, he would only say nice things or just “leave it at that.”

After all was said and done, Dean helped me to a 13th-place finish that gave me much needed points toward my Angler of the Year race. What other sport can you compete with one of the top professionals, let alone be treated like a fishin’ buddy for the day? It’s a shame that there aren’t more opportunities for that around anymore. I guess I was fortunate. Read more stories from our Save Phace fans on our blog or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more awesomeness!

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Save Phace Twitter Contest | Win Free Face Protection

Save Phace is the creator of the world’s sickest face protection. With tons of different styles, designs and uses, we guarantee you will find the mask you are looking for.

face protection 300x181 Save Phace Twitter Contest | Win Free Face Protection


Every month we will be giving away a free mask to one lucky winner.

To enter to win on Twitter, all you have to do is click on the Twitter message and retweet the message of the month. The hashtag will change every month so you have to check back after the contest is over. You must be following Save Phace on Twitter and have retweeted the monthly tweet to be eligible to win.

  1. You must follow Save Phace on Twitter to win.
  2. Winners are picked at random (of those who entered) and will be announced on Monday,  April 1st (no fools joke though)!

For the month of March, the hash tag is #SavePhaceMadness.

Ready, set…go!… Click here

Oh, and for more chances to WIN, head to Facebook and follow the directions there!

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Save Phace Foam Announcement

Save Phace FOAM announcement 300x136 Save Phace Foam AnnouncementAfter receiving a few reports of foam coming off the mask, we decided to investigate this further.  Sure enough, we found a very small percentage that showed evidence of slight separation of the foam coming off masks that were included on our latest shipment.  As with any product, when man makes things they tend to screw up a percentage (it’s called failure rate).  While we desire to have a 0% failure rate, we more realistically strive for a less than 3%, which we have consistently met…  We are truly sorry for this inconvenience and, as always, we stand behind our products 100%.  We are offering the following options to anyone having problems with our mask.

If you have RWI (Replaceable, Washable, Interchangeable) Foam that is separating from the mask:

1.  If you purchased your product within the past 60 days and have sent in your warranty card, please contact us immediately via email at customerservice@savephace.com, and we will send you a new set of RWI foam ASAP for free.


2.  If you have purchased your mask within the past 60 days but did not send in your warranty card, please send in your proof of purchase, warranty card and RWI foam and we will send you a new set immediately.


3.  If you don’t have your warranty card, or proof of purchase, but are having problems, please send in your RWI foam along with a check or money order for $5 and we will send you a new set ASAP.


For those of you that have standard foam (meaning it glues directly to the mask and cannot be removed):

1.  If you purchased your product within the last 60 days and have sent in your warranty card, please contact us immediately via email at customerservice@savephace.com, and we will send you a shipping label so you can ship your product to us.  We will fix it and ship it back to you.


2.  If you have purchased your mask within the past 60 days but did not send in your warranty card, please send in your proof of purchase and warranty card and we will send you a shipping label to send your product back and we will fix it and send it back to you.


3.  If you don’t have your warranty card, or proof of purchase, but are having problems, please send in your mask along with a check or money order for $15.95 for shipping and handling and we will fix it for you and send it back.


4.  You can go to your local automotive parts store and buy some gasket adhesive and re-glue the foam using this adhesive.



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Total Eclipse: The SUM of Series “Just ill” Promotion

Total Eclipse is one of our SUM of Series “Just ill” that are a Phan Phavorite!

Save Phace wants to give 40% off of the Total Eclipse mask!

All you have to do is have some fun on Facebook!  Once Save Phace’s Total Eclipse picture (see below) has 40 tags of people on the photo, we’re going to unleash a sick 40% off code.  That Phantasic code will be good through February 29, 2012.  The tags (40) must stick for sale to continue so we’ll let you know if you need to TAG more!

Total Eclipse Collage 300x103 Total Eclipse: The SUM of Series “Just ill” Promotion




So all you need to do is:

1.)   Like us on Facebook.

2.)   Locate the picture.

3.)   Tag some of your Facebook buddies.

4.)   Wait until we have at least 40 tags.

5.)   Keep an eye out for the PROMO code.

6.)   Head to the Save Phace website and take care of business!

The Total Eclipse SUM is just that — A Sports Utility Mask.  It is not a tactical mask and is not to be used for anything tactical related (Airsoft, Paintball, etc.).   Say good-bye to watery eyes, frigid faces, and the ringing in your ears from the cold while you’re hauling ass! Use this badass mask while you’re out on your boats, ATVs, Sand Rails, motorcycles, and dune-buggies.  If you can ride it, you should wear it!

Give us a call 800-989-1975 X.3 for anything and everything Save Phace! For more chances to WIN, check out our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, and for sick videos, head to our YouTube Channel!

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Buying Correct Tactical Gear for Safety

Tactical Gear 300x203 Buying Correct Tactical Gear for SafetySave Phace makes tactical gear and face protection for a variety of uses, including welding, cutting, bass fishing, paintball, airsoft, and other tactical sports. Two of the three main categories of masks are sports utility masks (SUMs) and tactical masks.

Recently, a Save Phace customer was playing paintball while wearing what he thought was a paintball mask. At one point a paintball  hit the lens directly, and the lens popped out and landed on the ground. Fortunately, he called out “Blind man!” covered his eyes and fell to the ground, so the situation ended without an incident. The man later discovered that his mask was an SUM, not a tactical mask, which he needed to safely play paintball.

If you are looking for a paintball mask, it is vital that you choose the tactical mask because of its design. If you need to keep rain or sand off your face while working, the SUM is the right choice. Here’s a look at the main differences between SUMs and tactical masks.

Tactical Masks:

  • Are designed for high-impact situations, such as paintball, airsoft, military, and UTM training.
  • Feature a lens anchor system designed for high impact.
  • Have vent holes for better airflow and unhindered breathing.
  • Include a removable forehead protector.
  • Feature interior strap clips to prevent a paintball from ejecting the strap off the mask.

Sports Utility Masks:

  • Are designed for bass boats, sand rails, and motorcyclists.
  • Feature two thumb tabs to release the lens easily.
  • Do not have vent holes.
  • Have a one-piece design.
  • Feature exterior strap clips for easy removal. However, if a paintball hits it, the strap will be ejected off the mask.

With these characteristics in mind as you shop for either a tactical mask or SUM, you know which type of mask best suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to inform a friend who might be wearing a sports utility mask that it isn’t tactical gear made to be worn as a paintball mask. They might not be as lucky as the man who simply had his lens popped out by a paintball.

For more information and safety tips, check out more Save Phace Blogs! Don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook and and follow us on Twitter, too.

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Airsoft Gun Safety

airsoft gun safety 300x200 Airsoft Gun Safety

An Airsoft Gun, the plastic-like and more realistic cousin of paintball, has become just as popular as the latter in some areas and is especially common among groups of friends who would rather not go through the hassle of traveling to a venue and paying to compete on specialized courses for their hobby. For those who are just getting into this sport, there are some important safety precautions to follow before going full-out Rambo on your neighbor.

Eye Protection

Just as in paintball, protecting your eyes from the projectiles is extremely important. Although airsoft BBs are smaller than paintballs, they can still blind you if you get hit in just the wrong spot. It comes down to personal preference whether you want to wear a full paintball-style facemask or are going for just plastic safety glasses – both are common and, while the glasses usually provide greater and more natural vision, BBs across the cheek or in the ear are no fun and often sting and break skin. You could proceed with caution and play tentative, or you could get a badass mask from Save Phace that looks great and could save you that pain, pal.

Realism Issues

You may live in a country where airsoft guns come with those bright orange tips on them to distinguish them from their deadly counterparts. If you’re playing in a more populated area, which isn’t recommended, you may get a visit from Johnny Law (local law enforcement officers), who most likely will be concerned with the weapon you’re carrying. If you’ve removed the orange tip, you’re going to be ticketed with a federal offense and might even face prison time. Although they’re ugly and ruin the realism of the gun, that’s exactly the point of them and we advise you to never tamper with that cap.


A close shot from a speedy gun can knock out teeth. Unless you’re into the gap-mouth look, we suggest strictly following the 15-foot (5 meter) no-shot rule. Most airsoft fields enforce this rule anyway, and breaking it can result in getting banned from the park.

Although airsoft guns aren’t, strictly speaking, “real” guns, they should be treated as such and inappropriate use can result in serious injury. Know the risks and how to keep you and your friends safe when you’re playing.

If you have any questions or are looking to get some sweet face protection to avoid those nasty cheek shots, don’t hesitate to contact us at SavePhace.com! Hang with us on our Facebook and Twitter pages too!

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The Blink of an Eye

save phace11 300x200 The Blink of an Eye	By Gannon Gray, a Save Phace phanatic
who wouldn’t dare take to the paintball battlefield without his trusty bada$$ mask.

Anyone who has played even one game of paintball knows just how fast the tide of the battle can change.

There you are, crouched behind some old tires at your local field, paintballs are whizzing by, with tens of hundreds of rounds pounding the tires that are keeping you in the game. Your heart is pounding, your adrenaline rushing; you’ve got two kills under your belt that game. You hear the other team calling out maneuvers and you are positive an enemy player is nearby. Slowly, you poke your head up just enough to take a quick look-see. There he is… the best player on the other team caught out in the open. He’s been lighting up you and your buddies all day. He’s that “lone wolf” type of speedball player in a whole group of woodsballers, and now it’s time for some payback.

Paint is splattering all around you. It’s a hot day outside and you’re breathing heavy. Your kill—the kill of the day—begins to fade away under a thick layer of fog! You think to yourself “It’s now or never!” You quickly draw up your sights, take aim as best you can possibly manage through all that fog and pull the trigger rapidly, spraying a volley of paint all around your target. That split second goes by where you listen for him to yell “Hit!” and take the walk of shame off the field. But, all you hear is a loud “Smack”, a yellow paintball smacks the right side of your lens, and there’s a sharp sting in your shoulder. YOUR perfect kill slipped right past you because of a fogged lens. It is truly amazing how those incredible “He’s mine” moments can turn into a “Holy crap, are you kidding me?!” moment in the blink of an eye. Trust me guys; I know first-hand how that feels. So, why let your game be RUINED by a cruddy mask?

When choosing a mask, you want to get something that you can rely on; something durable, fog resistant, and something that will absolutely scare the pants off the other team when they see you pop around a corner or rain balls o’ fury from a tower! Most importantly, you want it all at a great price, right? I highly recommend checking out Save Phace’s masks, guys… they’re legit! They’ve got everything you need, from the durability, the reliability and, in my opinion, the best feature of all: the INSANE graphics on these bad boys. Don’t just play like a pro, BE a pro with Save Phace!

Save Phace is the creator of the world’s most amazing face protection, including the sickest tactical mask you’ll ever find. We’re all about protecting your head while you get into extreme sports like paintball, airsoft, fishing, ATV riding, and more. To learn more, visit www.savephace.com, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our Youtube channel.

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Save Phace: Reel Reads About Reds

Save Phace is the creator of the world’s most amazing face protection, including the sickest sports utility mask you’ll ever find. We’re all about protecting your head while you get into extreme sports like fishing, paintball, airsoft, ATV riding, and more. Here’s a story to get you going, from a Save Phace Phan who knows how to make an impression!

Redfish Captain Garris 300x200 Save Phace: Reel Reads About RedsOne Look at the Reds Schoolin’ and You’ll be Hooked! 

We all hear fish tales from time to time about “the one that got away,” right? Losers! It’s much better—and a helluva lot more fun—to brag about the ones that didn’t get away! Let me tell you about a recent outing with my buddy Kyle.

It was back in November, when the fishing had been off the hook! Now Kyle was no stranger to catching redfish on a charter, but he had never experienced sight-fishing for redfish… and this was the perfect time, too, as the reds were schoolin’ and gettin’ fat for the winter. “This is going to your day!” I told Kyle.

We ran down the river and started looking for the obvious signs of a group of reds running the bank. Almost immediately I spotted a couple of seagulls following a huge wake down the bank. “There’s our fish,” I told Kyle as his jaw dropped when he saw the 200 or so redfish working down the bank.  If you’ve never seen redfish schooling, let me tell you: it’s a beautiful sight to see. It looks like a group of baitfish moving around in an aquarium—except all the fish are over 20 inches.  Kyle immediately wanted in on the action—and who could blame him? So did I!!

I handed Kyle his rod with a popping cork and bait, reminding him to make sure to lead the fish when he threw it. His first cast was perfect! I quickly grabbed another rod and reel and tossed it out in front of the school as well. Wham!!! Kyle had a fish on!

I went to get the net when the second rod went off with another fish on—the daily double, right?! “Ready to catch some redfish,” I jokingly asked Kyle. His answer was an emphatic “YES!” I reached over and handed him the second rod and reel, and for the next 30 seconds or so Kyle stood there with both rods, one in each hand, listening to the drag screaming off both reels, with the biggest smile on his face.

Now that’s the way to start a fishing trip… Kyle caught him a bunch of reds that day!!

To share stories and see others, follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook!

About the author: Contact Capt. Brian M. Garris, owner of The Reel Deal Charters, by visiting www.thereeldealcharters.com or calling 843-200-9795.

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Save Phace SUM-Not Just a Cold Weather Mask

Chris Mason1 226x300 Save Phace SUM Not Just a Cold Weather MaskBy Chris Mason,

Another BadA$$ Phan of all things

Save Phace!

Rewind to January 2011. I was competing in the Western Outdoor News Pro/Am Season Opener at Lake Shasta. Fog delays for over 2 hours and low 20 degree weather provided quite a chilling event, to say the least. Mix that with 65+ mph morning runs that averaged 20-30 minutes and you get one ill-motivated fisherman!

So, after that weekend of frozen misery (bear in mind, us California boys aren’t used to that), I became very familiar with masks of all types and brands. Save Phace continued to be the choice, so I had one shipped out. I had no idea, however, where the true value lies with that piece of equipment. After nearly a year on the water and about a dozen tournaments, I found that wearing my SUM during every run saved my eyes from that redness and burning when I returned home, and it also kept my face from becoming chapped. Perhaps just as important as the cold weather protection was the blunt trauma protection. I have been hit by baits that were left on the front deck, coke cans, numerous bugs, water spray and two near misses from small birds. The mask works much like a bulletproof vest or body armor in that respect. It disperses the trauma received throughout the mask and the area it covers … i.e.: your mug!

So, my strong suggestion to anyone that drives or rides on a boat is to use your mask, even on hot days and short rides. I can pretty much guarantee that it will eventually Save your Phace on more than one occasion!

It has now become apparent that my Save Phace SUM has really earned its place on my boat. Anytime you step on my boat, you will see it hanging from my throttle.

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