Paintball Protection: Better Than Ever

shutterstock 6165976 300x199 Paintball Protection: Better Than Ever

Paintball Protection: Better Than Ever


Paintball Protection

As you get ready to play paintball for the first time, remember to suit up:

  • Protect your head and face: Choose one of Save Phace’s tactical masks certified by the ASTM and CE for safe paintball play. With our masks’ vent plugs, your face is guaranteed protection against rogue paintballs that want nothing more than to slip through the holes in your mask and break your teeth. It’s wise to wear a cold weather hood under your mask for additional protection.
  • Cover your neck: Neck guards protect this sensitive area of your body and take the sting out of a paintball hit.
  • Shield your hands: Padded paintball gloves are important to shield your hands from paintballs whizzing by.
  • Defend your arms and legs: Guards for your forearms, shins, and knees can be lifesavers if you’re being pummeled by other paintball players.

Other Safety Measures

While safety gear is important, take these other paintball safety considerations into account:

  • Never remove your mask during a match: What’s the point of wearing paintball protection if you take it off while people are still shooting? Get way out of range or wait until the round is over to remove your mask.
  • Use your marker safely: Don’t point it at anyone unless you’re playing and the participant is wearing the right gear, and never look down the barrel unless it’s disconnected. Use a barrel cover or plug and a safety catch to prevent misfires.
  • Follow all the safety rules: Become familiar with the rules at your favorite paintballing site and stick to them. The consequences of not following the rules might include ejection from the game, or what’s worse, a serious injury could occur.

For all your paintball protection needs, please visit the Save Phace website today. Then, learn more by finding us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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Airsoft Masks: Covering Your Moneymaker

ghoststalker Save Phace 300x300 Airsoft Masks: Covering Your Moneymaker

Airsoft Masks: Covering Your Moneymaker



As you compare airsoft masks, do you want something flimsy, soft, and cheap? Consider that you’re protecting your face and what you’re protecting it against: fast-flying plastic BBs with enough force behind them to knock out your teeth or worse. That’s why you want the unmatched comfort and safety features along with the killer customization of Save Phace’s airsoft masks.


Unmatched Features

We offer only the best ASTM and CE Certified airsoft masks with all the safety and comfort features you want:
• Anti-fog lens coating
• Scratch-resistant lens coating
• UV lens coating to reduce glare
• Lenses that meet or exceed ANSI and ASTM standards for impact resistance, luminance, and optical clarity
• Quick-change lens system
• Excellent peripheral vision
• Low profile and lightweight design
• Plush, replaceable foam
• Adjustable, replaceable Sure Grip strap
• Neck guard
• Comfortable design meant to fit 96 percent of the population
• Vent plugs that keep stray jell caps and BBs from smashing through holes and hitting your face
• 30-day limited warranty

Sick Graphics
At Save Phace, we offer seven tactical mask categories, each with slightly different features and graphics. The LL Series includes the Vengeance airsoft mask, the sickest mask for airsoft play you’ll find anywhere. (Please note that the Vengeance mask is not to be used for paintball!)

While the LL Series offers the most affordable tactical masks for airsoft play, it’s wise to choose a paintball-rated mask if that’s a sport you enjoy as well. Then, you have one mask for all your extreme sports.

When you choose a mask from the Diss, Dope, OU812, Marks Allot, So Phat, or Tagged series, you get to choose from killer graphics that put fear in the hearts of your enemies. If the perfect look you have in mind isn’t available, you can also order a custom mask with your very own design. An in-house artist airbrushes your mask by hand, completing the job with a wax product that protects the paint job. In fact, paintballs wipe right off, so your custom look will last a long, long time.

To find the right airsoft masks for the game, please visit the Save Phace website today. Then, learn more by finding us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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Save Phace Sports Utility Masks at the 2013 Bassmaster Classic: Are You Ready?

Save Phace at 2013 Bassmaster Classic 300x225 Save Phace Sports Utility Masks at the 2013 Bassmaster Classic: Are You Ready?

Save Phace at 2013 Bassmaster Classic

You can bet plenty of Save Phace sports utility masks will make an appearance at this year’s Bassmaster Classic, which is being held Feb. 22-24, 2013 at Grand Lake in Tulsa, OK. If you’re an outdoor adventure and fishing fan, you won’t want to miss this! Here’s what you need to know whether you’re attending or watching the tournament on TV.

Attending the Bassmaster Classic

What an amazing event to see in person! As you’re coordinating your trip, consider the rates of local hotels. The sooner you book your stay, the better deal you can get. Time is running out, so act quickly!

With the logistics out of the way, you can head on down to Grand Lake for all the boating and fishing action starting at 7:00am. Keep your eyes peeled for anglers wearing sports utility masks, which are known for providing excellent protection and style to the wearer.

While you’re in Tulsa, be sure to hit up the Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo at the Tulsa Convention Center. The expo is open to the public from 12:00pm to 8:00pm on Feb. 22; 10:00am to 7:00pm on Feb. 23; and 10:00am to 4:00pm on Feb 24. The Bassmaster Classic weigh-in station and expo venue are within walking distance of one another, making it easy for you to enjoy both events.

Watching the Bassmaster Classic on TV

Keep your schedule open the mornings of Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3. On March 2 from 10:00am to 11:00am, watch the Bassmaster Classic Day #1 on ESPN. If you miss it the first time, Day #1 is replayed 6:00am to 7:00am on March 3.

Then, stayed tuned from 7:00am to 9:00am for the Bassmaster Classic Day #2 and from 10:00am to 12:00pm for the Championship. Day #2 and the Championship are scheduled to air again on Sunday, March 10 from 5:00am to 9:00am. Here’s the full TV schedule.

While you’re glued to the television watching every bit of action, be sure to keep an eye out for Save Phace sports utility masks!

 To find the same sports utility masks you will see at the Bassmaster Classic, visit the Save Phace website today. Then, learn more by finding us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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Safety When in the Sand Dunes

shutterstock 86296504 300x291 Safety When in the Sand Dunes


Before we talk about safety when in the sand dunes, ponder this: what are your favorite dunes to shred up while riding in your ATV or off-road motorcycle? The most common dunes are crescentic, though linear and parabolic dunes are quite common as well. Star and dome dunes are rarer types generally found in the Sahara and Saudi Arabia, respectively.

No matter which is your favorite, learn where to find the types of dunes that give you the biggest thrill, and follow tips for staying safe when riding up sand dunes.

Where to Ride Sand Dunes

While some of the tallest dunes on are in China, you don’t have to travel that far from home to track down some killer dunes. Check out these areas:

  • Cinder Hills, Arizona (12 miles northeast of Flagstaff)
  • Hot Wells Dunes Recreation Area, Arizona (25 miles southeast of Safford)
  • Dumont Dunes, California (North of Baker on Highway 127)
  • Rasor Dunes, California (15 miles southwest of Baker)
  • North Sand Hills, Colorado (15 miles northwest of Walden)
  • Amargosa, Nevada (100 miles northwest of Las Vegas on Highway 95)
  • Kermit Sand Hills, Texas (10 miles north of Kermit)

Tips for Safety When in the Sand Dunes

With the perfect dunes right in front of you, be sure to enjoy your daytrip without breaking your equipment (or your bones) by following these tips for safety when in the sand dunes:

  • When changing direction, move your weight forward, push the bike/ATV down into the turn, and gas it. You should float on the sand like a speedboat.
  • Stop on flat, hard patches whenever possible. When an ideal place to stop isn’t available, go for a downward slope rather than an upward one.
  • Look ahead—tricky cambers, tufts of grass, and other vehicles’ tracks can topple your ride.
  • Never go alone. It’s always safer to ride dunes with at least a buddy or two. Besides, if you go alone, there’s no one to take pictures or videos of your sick moves to show off later.

Gear Up for Safety When in the Sand Dunes

Wear the right gear! It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a pro; you’re never too cool to wear the right safety gear. Make sure you have all of the following before you hit the dunes:

  • Chest protection
  • Fully supportive boots
  • Long sleeves/pants, even on the hottest days
  • Safety helmet! Goggle/mask combos are the best for protecting your eyes and your entire face while shredding it up with your friends in the sand dunes.

To learn more about specialized masks for safety when in the sand dunes, check out the sick masks on our website and follow us on Phacebook and Twitter.

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Tactical Goggles versus Mask in CQB

LL Series mask and goggles front lg 300x300 Tactical Goggles versus Mask in CQBIf you get a thrill out of participating in Close Quarters Battles (CQB), you might be on the fence when it comes to tactical goggles versus mask in CQB. Both are designed to protect your most valuable asset in CQB: your eyes. Here’s what you should know about tactical goggles versus mask in CQB before you jump into the game.

Tactical Goggles

CQB tactical goggles come in variety of forms. They protect your eyes, but keep the rest of your face vulnerable. This might be just fine, depending on your activity, since the wind on your face feels really great. Goggles also don’t cover your ears, which could be drawback as far as protection is concerned.

If you opt for goggles in the tactical goggles versus mask in CQB debate, make sure your goggles have the following features:

  • Guaranteed not to fog
  • Ergonomic design for comfort
  • Durable materials to withstand high impact
  • Adjustable size for a proper fit

Tactical Masks

For paintball and airsoft play, it’s better if you choose a mask for full facial protection. Not only do masks provide complete face and ear protection, but if you choose one with a killer graphic, you’ll also look totally badass.

Here are the top features to look for in a tactical mask:

  • Fog-free lenses
  • Customizable look
  • Replaceable foam and straps
  • Plush foam for comfort
  • Durable so it lasts a long time
  • Adjustable strap for the right fit
  • Vent plugs to keep merciless jell gaps or BBs from coming through the holes and hitting your face
  • Tested for safety

Obviously, either goggles or a mask could work for you, depending on the hazard level of your activity. To learn more about tactical goggles versus mask in CQB, check out the sick options we offer on our website and follow us on Phacebook and Twitter.

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Welding Spatter: How to Clean It Up and Prevent It Next Time

shutterstock 681298 300x199 Welding Spatter: How to Clean It Up and Prevent It Next Time



Welding spatter, or slag, refers to those annoying drips of molten metal that screw up the appearance of your welding job. Apart from leaving a mess behind, there are other problems with welding spatter that you want to avoid, such as burnt holes in your clothing, burn marks on your skin and wasted time cleaning up the slag. Here are the best methods for cleaning up welding spatter and how to prevent it next time.

Cleaning Up Welding Spatter

If the finished piece ends up with messy spatter, clean it up with your preferred method:

  • Scrape it off: Use a file for small bits or a hammer and chisel for larger globs. A grinder also works. Remove spatter stuck to the nozzle with pliers.
  • Use chemicals: Anti-spatter compounds help remove spatter from welded pieces. Water-based products are biodegradable while solvent-based products are more toxic. To avoid skin irritation and other risks associated with solvent-based products, we recommend water-based anti-spatter compounds whenever possible. These come in dip, gel or spray form, and should be applied directly to the work piece and the nozzle to prevent spatter.
  • Use gas-fed continuous spray: This dispenser attaches to the welder to provide continuous protection against spatter.

Preventing Welding Spatter

Protect your piece, your clothes and your skin with these tips to avoid the problems with welding spatter:

  • Adjust the voltage: Voltage and the arc’s length are closely related. Find the balance between a tight weld at the right intensity to reduce spatter.
  • Wipe down the welding surface: Getting rid of oil, rust, and other contaminants can help prevent spatter. Use an abrasive tool or chemical to prep the welding surface before you start.
  • Secure the environment: Get out of the wind and secure cabling on clean surfaces to prevent weld altercations.
  • Angle the torch correctly: By assuming a drag angle and keeping the wire behind, spatter stays in the weld pool so you can clean it up as you go.
  • Use shielding gas and wire to your advantage: These should prevent spatter, not add to it. Minimize welding spatter with argon shielding gas and wires with deoxidizing substances in them.

To learn more about protecting your face from welding spatter, check out our sick masks in action on our website and follow us on Phacebook and Twitter.

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Save Phace: Benefits of Tactical Eyewear and Other Paintball Gear

Recon Black with both lens md Save Phace: Benefits of Tactical Eyewear and Other Paintball GearIf you’ve ever been hit in the mask with a paintball or BB, you understand the fundamental benefit of wearing the ideal tactical eyewear and paintball gear. Your mask may have saved you from permanent eye damage or even blindness. Aside from the obvious prevention of eye and facial injuries, here are some other benefits of wearing the proper paintball gear.

Improved Visibility

Stop complaining about impaired vision when you wear tactical eyewear. Just find paintball gear with scratch-resistant, anti-fog lenses and you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

Greater Mobility

Don’t fall for the notion that paintball equipment is heavy and cumbersome. Lightweight gear ensures proper protection without impairing your movement.

All-Over Protection

Every part of exposed skin is susceptible in paintball. Don’t forget about the benefit of neck protection when you wear the right paintball gear.

Increased Comfort

Being stuck with your own stale air can be a drag, so make sure you find paintball equipment that breathes well for optimal comfort in the game.

Killer Graphics

Cool-looking paintball gear can add to your style rather than detract from it. Masks with skulls, camo, robot faces and other designs will help intimidate your paintball foes. You can even have your helmet customized by a professional artist so it has the exact look you’re going for—the badass look suits you well!.

Durability Reigns

With the right investment, you can expect your tactical eyewear to last for a very long time. Look for masks with interchangeable lenses, straps and foam to help your investment last as long as possible. A protective wax product on the mask ensures that paintballs wipe right off, helping the graphic last for years as well.

Allows You to Play

It’s often illegal to play in a tournament without the proper tactical eyewear, so shut up and put your helmet on!

To learn more about tactical eyewear and other paintball gear you need for bodily
protection, check out the sick masks, goggles and accessories on our website. Look us up on Phacebook and Twitter for tips, tricks, and sweet deals!

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The Man Behind the Mask: Pumping Iron Like a Pro

shutterstock 62735878 300x200 The Man Behind the Mask: Pumping Iron Like a Pro



Even if snow is screwing up the time you wanted to be out paintballing, consider that winter is a great time to start pumping iron in preparation for games in the spring. Your buddies will be shocked when you return to paintballing in a few months. Your gear may be the same, but the man behind the mask will have changed thanks to dedicated hours pumping iron this winter. Here are the best paintball training exercises to get pumped for spring.


Don’t rush through these. While push-ups technically aren’t pumping iron, you’ll get great arm, chest and even back definition with this exercise. Start prone on the floor, with your body in a straight line, arms bent at the elbows and palms flat on the floor. Push up until the arms are fully extended, then lower your body almost all the way to the floor. Pause for a count, then push all the way back up. Pause for another count and lower back down, repeating as many times as you can.

Barbell Push Press

With the push-ups out of the way, it’s time for pumping iron with a barbell. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend at the knees to pick up the barbell. Hold it across your shoulders. Then, bend your knees slightly and push the barbell over your head until your arms are straight, exhaling the entire time. Obviously, start with a low weight until you discover your limits.


This pumping iron exercise works your gluteus, quads, and hamstrings. Set a dumbbell on the ground before you and grip it tightly with both hands. With your legs shoulder-width apart, lift the dumbbell using the strength in your legs, not your back, to avoid injury. Repeat this motion several times.

Work Your Core

The core includes your back, abs and sides. A strong core is vital to the success of any paintball player, since this group of muscles helps improve agility, stability and accuracy. Want to run and be able to hit your target at the same time? Then do core workouts! That means doing planks, glute-bridges, sit-ups, crunches, and side bridges.

What are you waiting for? Star pumping iron now to see a boost in your game come spring! Then, learn more about the tactical gear you need when you resume your outdoor adventures by checking out the sick masks, goggles and accessories on our website, Phacebook, or Twitter.

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Staying Safe When Welding: Overcome the Biggest Challenges

shutterstock 28850435 300x199 Staying Safe When Welding: Overcome the Biggest ChallengesWelding is crucial for joining materials in hundreds of industries, and since many delicate or specialized areas can only be handled by humans, you need to learn about staying safe when welding. There’s no other bonding technique used more widely than welding. It’s used in everything from bridges and buildings to cars and wind towers. Whether a welding job is intriguing to you, or you’re a veteran in the industry, now’s the time to learn about welding challenges and how the industry overcomes them.

Joining Thicker Steel

In dozens of welding situations, the components being welded must be strong enough to withstand high wind speeds, corrosion and temperature changes. Sometimes that means welding thicker sections of steel together. This introduces a welding challenge that requires more welding consumables, a greater amount of welding passes, and a longer time to get the job done.

The solution to this unfortunate circumstance is to use wave AC/DC 1000 SD, which gives welders more flexibility and productivity while reducing time and costs. As a welder, you know that, next to staying safe when welding, having flexibility on the job is most important.

Welding Galvanized Materials

Have you ever experienced problems with spattering, fumes, and cracks when welding galvanized steel? Go ahead and blame the volatilized zinc in the coating, which causes unstable welding arcs, zinc vapors and cracks if the zinc becomes trapped in a weld.

To solve the problem, you should first strive to staying safe when welding. Always wear the proper safety gear when welding galvanized steel, or any other material for that matter. Determine whether aluminum-coated products can be used instead, since this oxide is much more predictable and dependable than zinc.

Staying Safe When Welding

Burns and eye damage are the most common injuries faced by both novice and experienced welders. The best way to counter these injuries is to wear the proper eye protection and other safety gear. If you’re looking to upgrade your old welding mask to one with better safety features, look for a mask with a 180-degree viewing lens, better airflow and an auto-darkening filter. Sick graphics never hurt, either.

To learn more about specialized masks for staying safe when welding, check out some sick masks in action on our website and connect with us on Phacebook and Twitter!

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Top 10 Manly Drinks for New Year’s

shutterstock 88750291 300x200 Top 10 Manly Drinks for New Year’sIf you’re planning to order more than just a plain old beer at the New Year’s Eve party, you better get well acquainted with what other manly drinks are available to you. It’s said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we say you can sure judge a man by the drink in his hand.

At the end of a tiring but adventurous day of paintballing with your bros, don’t emasculate yourself by ordering the wrong drink. Instead, choose manly drinks for New Year’s. If you’re not sure where to start, try something off this list of top ten ideas for manly drinks.

 1.      Manhattan: Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack downed these manly drinks in style. When all else fails, stick with this vermouth-and-whiskey beverage, and add a maraschino cherry for good measure.

2.      Irish Car Bomb: There’s nothing manlier than chugging Guinness stout spiked with a shot of Irish whiskey.

3.      Martini: For starters, this manly drink is almost pure alcohol. Plus, the suave James Bond chooses the martini every time—shaken, not stirred.

4.      Buffalo Sweat: Looking for something with a bite? Buffalo Sweat, with three parts bourbon to one part Tabasco sauce, packs a big enough punch that no one will dare question your manliness again.

5.      Rusty Nail: Want to look macho in front of your friends? Tell them you’re drinking a Rusty Nail (three parts scotch to one part Drambuie), and they’ll get the gist.

6.      Gin and Juice: If you still want a fruity-flavored drink without handing over your man card, drink Gin (2.5 ounces) and Juice (1 ounce orange juice). It’s Snoop Dogg’s drink of choice, and that’s worth something.

7.      Nuclear Waste: It has a manly enough name, but once you learn that it’s the only thing Keith Richards drinks now, you can be sure it’s one of the manliest drinks around. Mix two parts premium vodka with one part orange soda and plenty of ice.

8.      Boilermaker: Beer with a shot of whiskey or rum is sure to get your blood pounding.

9.      Gold Rush: Combine 2 ounces of bourbon, 3/4 ounce lemon juice and 3/4 ounce honey syrup for a manly drink that can also help cure your seasonal allergies—just don’t tell anyone about that last part.

10.  Sidecar: The Sidecar (equal parts Triple sec and brandy/cognac, plus the juice from 1/4 lemon) was a speakeasy standard back in the 1920s. It’s making a comeback now, but who cares about trends? This manly drink has always said, “Outta my way. I know what I’m doing.”

With your manly drinks for New Year’s all sorted out, learn more about tactical gear for playing paintball by checking out the sick masks, goggles and accessories on our website. Join us on Phacebook and Twitter for more Save Phace fun and special deals!

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