Not for the Weak – Custom RFP Welding Helmets

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Have you always wanted a custom welding helmet with awesome looks to match its awesome functionality? We heard your request, and now we’ve delivered!  You can order a Radical Face Protector (RFP) Welding Helmet from Save Phace with the sick graphics you’ve always wanted.

We have some sweet-looking standard designs – Dead King, Kannibal and Captain Jack, just to name a few – but what about painting your helmet in your favorite colors or bringing your own killer design to life on your welding helmet? That’s where the option of ordering custom painted helmets comes in.

Here’s how it works: You purchase the RFP Welding Helmet from Save Phace and have us paint on your custom design before shipping it to you. You could buy the helmet and find someone else to paint it for you, but we recommend letting us do it. Why? Because we’ve been painting custom welding helmets for a long time and have mastered the technique. We don’t use cheap carnival airbrush painters – only the best artisan airbrushes will do.

You can expect the paint job to run between $100 and $450 plus the cost of the mask; a good investment for such a durable, long-lasting custom helmet.

With so many welding helmets to choose from, why should you choose the RFP? Its jaw-dropping features will leave you scrambling to get your hands on one. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • World’s 1st and ONLY Helmet that lets you see from ear to ear when welding!
  • World’s 1st and ONLY ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) integrated into a Shade #10 Passive welding lens giving you OVER 40sq. inches of viewing area
  • Fastest lens change system you’ve ever used
  • Lightest and coolest welding helmet
  • Unique design that  lets your breath escape from the mask, keeping it 6 degrees cooler inside
  • Face-forming design for access to tight spaces
  • Unlimited graphic options with the opportunity to order custom painted helmets

Ready to get started? Submit the design you want for your custom welding helmet today by filling out the Helmet Customization Form with your specific details. The more information you give us, the better your mask will turn out. If possible, please refer to Pantone Colors. And when in doubt, give us more details!

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  1. Rob Simpson says:

    Thanks for giving these amazing tips to purchase custom welding helmet. These all helmets look great.

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