A Welder’s Dream: Internal and External Adjustments


A welder knows the right helmet is essential for doing the job right. Save Phace’s RFP welding helmet is the first of its kind in the industry.

A welder is only as protected as his equipment allows him to be. That means having a helmet that protects from all angles and positions. At Save Phace, we love to take risks, but not at the expense of safety. That’s why we’ve created the RFP welding helmet series; helmets that take care of your face so you can take care of the welding.

Helmet Must-Haves for Safe Welding

In an industry saturated with equipment that only does so much, the RFP welding helmets are in a league of their own. From width of field of vision to the level of auto darkening filter protection, levels of protection features on a welding helmet are very important. But how do you know which features are important? Whether you’re a novice or a master welder, there are certain key features you must look for:

  1. Quick and effective auto darkening filter. Welding emits dangerous radiation from the light of the weld that doesn’t just wreak havoc on their vision — it can also make them say goodbye to their vision for good! That’s why a welder needs a helmet with fast auto darkening protection, as well as a reinforced system where he can easily protect himself from the inside as well as the outside. Some of today’s welding helmets either have helmet systems that require some sort of taking apart just to get to the protective lens. In addition, auto darkening filters can take up to several more milli seconds to get to a proper darkening shade, which ain’t good.
  2. Wide range of vision. Today’s welder knows that the best range of vision will provide the best chance of seeing the scope of the entire welding job at once so everything flows smoothly. Some companies offer helmets that provide only the minimal scope of peripheral vision in a welding helmet, preventing welders from being able to see the full scope of the item they are working on.
  3. Adjustable, sturdy headgear. When it comes to wearing a welder’s helmet, comfort and sturdiness are must haves, as the level of comfort with the helmet could mean the difference between a project done well and on time and one that takes forever due to a helmet that won’t stay on the head properly. The materials must be able to withstand heat as well. Also, a helmet that doesn’t give you room to breathe is ineffective and can be extremely uncomfortable.

Save Phace: RFP Series Breaks the Mold

As an industry leader in welding helmets, Save Phace understands how important it is for welders to have the right equipment to do their job and that includes a helmet that protects, lasts and takes care of you so you can take care of the job in a timely and safe manner. The Radical Face Protector (RFP) helmet series is the most versatile in the Save Phace product line, with features geared toward safety above all else.

  • The RFP line includes the only 4”x 4” adjustable 4/9-13 auto darkening filter in the industry with the fastest protective lens changing system — it only takes 2-3 seconds to replace your protective lens, allowing for less wait time between welds. Another great feature? The protective lens can be changed from the outside, eliminating the need to dismantle the helmet before adjusting the lens.
  • RFP helmet features the largest viewing area of any welding helmet in the industry, thanks to a patented 180-degree lens design that gives the welder over 40 sq. inches of viewing area. That’s ear-to-ear vision during any welding job.
  • The helmet’s face forming design allows welders to get into tight spaces with the helmet on, and a rounded top-to-bottom design doesn’t trap your hot breath as you weld, which means a cooler, lighter and more comfortable helmet.
  • Our new Articulating multi point, multi adjustable Halo Headgear comes with an adjustable and replaceable sweat-absorbent head strap and is designed to fit any head!
  • With our high heat-resistant nylon helmet material, the RFP helmet has everything a welder could need.

You can’t weld without the proper headgear– it’s just that simple. Save Phace helps you save your face so you can enjoy welding projects with safety and protection at the forefront. To learn more about Save Phace and our extensive and unique line of RFP welding helmets, visit our website at www.savephace.com/Welding/RFP-Helmet.

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