Light in Weight, Heavy in Features – Welcome the RFP Welding Helmet

Welding-HelmetsHave you heard about our latest offering for welders? Introducing the RFP (Radical Face Protector) – the Best Welding Helmet in the World! What makes the RFP so awesome, you might ask? Take a look.


One prominent feature is the RFP’s lightweight construction. It may not seem like it, but there’s a huge difference between a welding helmet that weighs two pounds and another that weighs just one pound. Your neck has to bare that extra weight while performing a tedious welding job. The heavier your helmet is, the quicker you tire out.

That’s why we designed the lightest welding helmet in the world! It’s all thanks to our use of high-quality yet lightweight materials. The face-forming profile also reduces heaviness and actually helps you work better in tight spaces. Plus, the unique shape helps with airflow, keeping the interior of the helmet 6 degrees cooler because it doesn’t trap your breath.

Advanced Welding Lens

Our RFP welding helmet is the only one of its kind to have an integrated 4”x4” ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) lens and 180-degree view for over 40-square inches of ear-to-ear vision while welding. Our eyes are designed to see more horizontally than vertically, so a 180-degree lens just makes sense.

Our product also boasts the FASTEST protective lens change system ever! Because you can detach the protective lens from the outside, it only takes two or three seconds to swap it out for a new one. No more wasting valuable time on changing lenses!

Killer Graphics

The RFP is not only the best welding helmet in the world; it’s also the best looking. Our graphics are unlike anything you have ever seen! For once, you’ll be eager to wear your welding helmet, not just for protection, but to show off your unique style. Our default graphics are sweet, but if you’re looking for something a little different, you can always order a custom paint job. As long as you can describe what you want, the only limit is your imagination!

For more information about our products for welders, visit our website. Then be sure to check out our new RFP welding helmets!

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