The New Save Phace RFP Welding Helmet


At Save Phace, we take our reputation seriously. That’s why we didn’t just raise the bar; we burned the old Welding Helmet Rulebook to the ground and rewrote our own rules! Our newest addition to the Save Phace family of killer face and head protection is here. Say hello to the RFP (Radical Face Protector) Welding Helmet!

What’s so great about this welding helmet, you ask? What makes this RFP better than all the rest? Pretty much everything about it, starting with the great price and ending with the comprehensive list of features, including the 4”x4” ADF (Auto Darkening Filter) integrated into a 180-degree welding lens giving you ear to ear vision when you weld!

Check out all the awesome features, which you won’t find in ANY other welding helmet ANYWHERE:

  • 180-degree ear-to-ear vision grants you an unobstructed view while welding.
  • The world’s first and only 4”x4” ADF that grants you over 40 square inches of visibility.
  • Internal ADF adjustments put you in control.
  • The FASTEST protective lens change system EVER – seriously, it only takes two or three seconds to change out the lens, and you don’t have to be an engineer to figure it out. It’s all thanks to the ability to change the lens from the outside instead of having to dismantle the helmet and go at the lens from the inside.
  • The face-forming profile helps you get into tighter spaces. The small size and lightweight materials make it the lightest, coolest welding helmet IN THE WORLD.
  • A rounded top and bottom design offers better airflow for great breathability – better than ANY other helmet out there! In fact, the helmet stays 6 degrees cooler because it doesn’t trap your breath.
  • It comes with nine-point, multi-adjustable, dual band articulating headgear. Just what does that mean? You can make the RFP Welding Helmet fit like a glove!
  • Sick and twisted graphics painted on the flexible heat-resistant nylon showcases your personal taste.
  • Replaceable sweat-absorbent headband – we don’t have to spell out why this is beneficial.
  • The helmet comes fully assembled and includes a helmet bag.
  • Designed for the Professional Welder!
  • Designed for overhead welding!

We’re the only company to offer so many desirable features in a single product! Visit the Save Phace website to check out the new RFP Welding Helmet and find a local dealer – you’re gonna love it, guaranteed!

5 Responses to The New Save Phace RFP Welding Helmet

  1. Anthony Bauer says:

    i have pink in my welding hood now but it’s faded it looks light red but not afraid to wear pink at all

  2. Sumio Nakagawa says:

    I’m a union ironworker and wear a hard hat . Is there head gear so that it snaps on to the hard hat

  3. Timothy says:

    Are these helmets rated for tig welding

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