Paintball: National Collegiate Championship May 18th on CBS

The 2013 National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA) College and High School Paintball Championships were held on April 19-21 at the Central Florida Paintball Field in Lakeland, Florida.  Fifty-five college teams and five high school teams competed in the event in various categories over the course of the three-day event.  If you missed the action live, want to see what collegiate paintball is all about, or just need to relive the moment one more time, the CBS Sports Network will rebroadcast the championship game between the Cal State University – Long Beach 49ers and the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles on Saturday, May 18 at noon Eastern Standard Time. Check your local listings for availability and channel.

The NCPA is a non-profit organization consisting of college and high school paintball clubs and teams, and facilitating coordination between the clubs on a national level.  The mission of the organization is to promote paintball as a friendly, inexpensive, and top-quality sport that allows players to improve their paintball skills at all levels.  The group subsidizes competition within its leagues, culminating in a national paintball tournament held annually.  The NCPA provides these same types of services on a high school level to encourage participation in the sport and seed the collegiate level with quality athletes.

Currently, the NCPA consists of 229 clubs across the country, with almost 6000 general members and over 2,200 tournament members.  Clubs exist in 44 different states.  The NCPA provides a wide variety of services for its members, including discounts on paint, gear, and field usage, and free domain name hosting so each club or team can develop its own website.  The organization connects clubs, students, and sponsors to each other at individual college campuses.  In addition, the NCPA helps players organize on campus to start new paintball teams, and provides free promotional support for events being held by member teams.

College paintball clubs have been around since 1986, and the NCPA has been in existence since 2000.  The first college-level paintball national championships were held that same year. Since that time, the number of college teams in existence and the participation levels at the national events has increased steadily to its current status.



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