Get the Job Done Right With a Save Phace Welding Helmet


Get the Job Done Right With a Save Phace Welding Helmet


When looking to buy a new welding helmet, there are a lot of different capabilities you need to consider. Is it comfortable enough to wear during a long day of work? Does it offer adequate protection? Does it give you enough view of the job to get it done efficiently and correctly? Well, if you buy a Save Phace welding helmet, you can be sure that all of these needs are not only met, they’re exceeded.

Before you even start on a new project, you make sure you will be working in a comfortable environment where you can focus on the job at hand instead of the mask you are wearing. Our welding helmet offer features a face-forming design that not only feels comfortable to wear, but also lets in plenty of airflow to keep you cool. Our designs are also made to allow you to work in any position, even the tightest of spots. These aren’t your dad’s bulky, cumbersome welding helmets. Not only are these comfortable, they feature custom graphics and a sleek design that will have you looking as good as you feel.

To go along with great form, we have also designed our welding helmets with great function. Our masks and goggles offer a full 180-degree view, which means no more tunnel vision while welding, grinding, or sanding. You’ll have a full field of vision without the need to worry about scratches or fog getting in the way. Add to that an ADF (auto darkening filter) that is integrated into the lens, you can work with confidence knowing you have the ultimate in eye protection.

Sometimes working hard isn’t enough. You also have to work right. A great Save Phace welding helmet assures you can do both with ease. To learn more about our great line of welding helmets, or to see some of the outrageous designs, but sure to check them out at, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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