Paintball Protection From Head to Toe


Paintball Protection From Head to Toe

The proper paintball protection elevates your game to warrior status on the field of battle. No one wants to get smacked with paint traveling at over 250 feet per second, but it happens—and when it does it can sting. Sometimes it hurts like hell. But your mama won’t be there to kiss it and make it better, so you best be outfitted from head to toes in the kind of radical paintball gear that will keep you charging ahead at your menacing best. After all, every second counts. As opponents cower and flinch at the thought of the next hit, you’ll conquer with confidence and kick every last ass. We, the experts at Save Phace, know exactly what you need to be invincible on the paintball field.

Our top priority is keeping your head in the game. Literally. We offer a full lineup of tactical masks that are ASTM and CE certified for use on the field. Designed not only for paintball protection, our sick masks are meant to intimidate the ever lovin’ snot out of opponents. Available in a wide array of colors and designs that are sure to get your opponents shaking in their boots, our comfortable masks are just what you need to protect yourself while dishing out punishment. A Save Phace mask is just for starters… one must accessorize accordingly. And that, my friends, is a matter of personal preference.

When it comes to paintball protection, it’s best to lean toward loose fitting, thick materials. While skin-tight athletic shirts may look fine to the opposite sex (that’s a different game), they offer little or no protection from the blunt force of a paintball splat. You’ll be reminded of that with every wince as you carry those battle scars and bruises around for a few weeks afterward.

The color of your gear isn’t just a matter of fashion sense. Camouflage or dark greens and browns are the obvious choice for outdoor courses while black may be more suitable for indoor play. The rest of your paintball protection is all about protecting and serving you. Obviously padding is important, particularly for the torso and legs; and footwear needs to be durable yet light enough so you can mercilessly track your prey with the lightning speed of a gazelle and stealth-like savvy of seasoned sniper.

No one wants to go home after a day on field covered with the bruises. While paintball protection can’t guarantee a win, it can keep you in the game, strike fear in the hearts of opponents, and prevent you from carrying around battle scars for days or even weeks afterward. Unleash your inner warrior! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more updates about our line of paintball protection, or check us out at

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