Save Phace Tactical Eyewear on the Water


Save Phace Tactical Eyewear on the Water


Tactical eyewear might not top your list of things to pack for an awesome day of fishing, but make no mistake: protective eyewear is just as important as your rod, reel, and tackle box. Save Phace can set you up with top-of-the-line protective eyewear that will not only make life on the water easier, but also more comfortable and stylish. With innovative design and features, you’ll wonder how you lived without them.

So, what makes our eyewear so kick-ass? These glasses aren’t just designed to keep the sun out of your eyes—which they do—but they also provide a clear vision of the waters ahead. Any angler who has stalked legendary lunkers in the early hours of a cool morning can attest that mist often makes ordinary sunglasses almost opaque with fog. Our tactical eyewear is fog resistant, meaning no more wiping your glasses on your shirt every few minutes. These bad boys also offer scratch-resistant lenses, full eye protection, and military grade specifications that will cut through the waves with a full view of your surroundings. Whether it is to get a clear view while speeding across the water in a speedboat, or trolling across your favorite fishing spot, our line of protective eyewear will transform a routine “good” day on the water into a totally awesome experience!

From our Sly Series to our Recon Series, there is sure to be the perfect pair of tactical eyewear that fits your style and budget. All our protective eyewear is guaranteed not to fog, so you don’t have to worry about weather, temperature, or sweat getting between you and your next epic fish tale. And our stylin’ specs are affordable, starting at less than ten bucks—that’s less than you’d spend for a throwaway pair from a pharmacy counter or local bait shop on the way to the lake. And who says fun after dark has to be limited to the bedroom? Our Recon Series and completely compatible night vision goggles will turn you into an unstoppable night-time fishing fanatic. All of our tactical eyewear also offers protection from wind, rain, water, hooks, lures, and anything else (bottle caps?) you don’t want flying into your eyes.

Your eyes may be your most important assets on the water, and a pair of protective eyewear from Save Phace will ensure that they are safe from the elements. Our line of tactical eyewear is rugged—just like you. So go ahead—hit the throttle and have some no-holds-barred fun. Neither sunlight nor fog nor debris flying in your face will keep you from becoming a master of the waves and a righteous fisherman. To learn more about our tactical eyewear series, check us out on Facebook or Twitter, or look at all the designs and more at

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