Tactical Eyewear: When and When Not to Wear


Tactical Eyewear: When and When Not to Wear



If you’re an extreme sports lover, you had better invest in tactical eyewear sooner rather than later. Wait too long and you could end up losing an eye or breaking a tooth. Seriously, wearing the right tactical eyewear for the right application is no laughing matter. Here’s a look at applications where you can and should don protective eyewear.


  • Paintballing: Any reputable paintballing location requires players to wear masks at all times. You’re not even supposed to remove your mask in a dead zone if it’s within range of the field. Severe paintball injuries are known to occur if you play without a helmet, yet with the correct tactical eyewear and safety equipment from Save Phace, paintballing can a fun, safe way to get exercise and hang out with your friends.
  • Airsofting: Although airsoft guns are not likely to cause a life-threatening injury, they can certainly take out an eye if you’re not wearing the proper tactical eyewear. Save Phace’s tactical masks are ASTM and CE Certified for safe paintball and airsoft play.
  • Welding: Why would you even try to weld without a welding mask? If you do, you’re just asking for a spark to hit your face or for the bright light to damage your eyes. Don’t take any chances. Instead, choose an extreme face protector from Save Phace that matches the specs and tough-guy looks you’re after.
  • Fishing: While you don’t need a full mask to protect your face from the wrath of a trout or bass, tactical goggles are incredibly useful when fishing. The right pair from Save Phace can keep splashes, wind, and glare from the water from ruining your ability to see well. After all, if you can’t see, you’re certainly not going to catch anything.


To find the right tactical eyewear for your favorite extreme sporting activity, please visit the Save Phace website today. Then, learn more by finding us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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