2013 Face Protection: The Download


2013 Face Protection: The Download

Looking for face protection? You’ve come to the right place. Save Phace has a comprehensive collection of sports utility masks, tactical masks, and welding helmets designed precisely for the application you have in mind. Here are the ins and outs of our broad face protection options cialis 5mg 10mg 20mg tadalafil.

Sports Utility Masks

Sports utility masks, or SUMs, are designed for outdoor sport lovers. Whether you plan to take your ATV or motorcycle for a spin, spend a day boating, or go skiing through some fine powder, SUMs are there to Save Phace. They protect you from stinging sand, pouring rain, fierce wind, splattering bugs, messy mud, and prickling snow while you’re out having a blast.

Our SUMs are built for durability and comfort with lightweight construction that won’t weigh you down, lenses that won’t fog up, and a design made to fit 98 percent of the population. For the best-fitting, best-looking face protection, look no further than our sports utility masks.

Tactical Masks

If you love paintball or airsoft, take your face protection up a notch with our tactical masks. A military-grade anti-fog interior coating is guaranteed to prevent fog while an outer coating provides an anti-scratch surface to prolong the lifetime of the lens. Plus, with replaceable foam and straps, you prolong the mask’s lifespan by replacing worn parts instead of throwing the whole mask out.

If you’ve ever felt cheated by a tactical mask’s poor vision, rest assured that Save Phace masks have better peripheral vision than any other mask on the market. Vent plugs also ensure no stray jell cap or BB finds its way through the mask. It’s clear that tactical masks are the ultimate option in comfortable face protection.

Welding Helmets

Out welding helmets fall into a category we passionately call extreme face protectors, or EFPs. No other welding helmets in the world offer 180-degree peripheral vision, a face-forming profile to access tight spaces, and an auto darkening filter, or ADF, to protect your eyes from ultra violet and infrared rays while welding.

Like all our face protection gear, EFPs come with killer graphics. You can even customize your own ideal look. Check out the Elementary Series, Gen X Series, and Gen Y Series to find the perfect welding helmet for you.

For access to all the face protection you will ever need, visit the Save Phace website. Then, learn more by finding us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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