Paintball Protection: Better Than Ever


Paintball Protection: Better Than Ever


Paintball Protection

As you get ready to play paintball for the first time, remember to suit up:

  • Protect your head and face: Choose one of Save Phace’s tactical masks certified by the ASTM and CE for safe paintball play. With our masks’ vent plugs, your face is guaranteed protection against rogue paintballs that want nothing more than to slip through the holes in your mask and break your teeth. It’s wise to wear a cold weather hood under your mask for additional protection.
  • Cover your neck: Neck guards protect this sensitive area of your body and take the sting out of a paintball hit.
  • Shield your hands: Padded paintball gloves are important to shield your hands from paintballs whizzing by.
  • Defend your arms and legs: Guards for your forearms, shins, and knees can be lifesavers if you’re being pummeled by other paintball players.

Other Safety Measures

While safety gear is important, take these other paintball safety considerations into account:

  • Never remove your mask during a match: What’s the point of wearing paintball protection if you take it off while people are still shooting? Get way out of range or wait until the round is over to remove your mask.
  • Use your marker safely: Don’t point it at anyone unless you’re playing and the participant is wearing the right gear, and never look down the barrel unless it’s disconnected. Use a barrel cover or plug and a safety catch to prevent misfires.
  • Follow all the safety rules: Become familiar with the rules at your favorite paintballing site and stick to them. The consequences of not following the rules might include ejection from the game, or what’s worse, a serious injury could occur.

For all your paintball protection needs, please visit the Save Phace website today. Then, learn more by finding us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I made a silly mistake when I was a newbie not to wear a helmet and oh boy, did I suffer from the impact!

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