Airsoft Masks: Covering Your Moneymaker


Airsoft Masks: Covering Your Moneymaker



As you compare airsoft masks, do you want something flimsy, soft, and cheap? Consider that you’re protecting your face and what you’re protecting it against: fast-flying plastic BBs with enough force behind them to knock out your teeth or worse. That’s why you want the unmatched comfort and safety features along with the killer customization of Save Phace’s airsoft masks.


Unmatched Features

We offer only the best ASTM and CE Certified airsoft masks with all the safety and comfort features you want:
• Anti-fog lens coating
• Scratch-resistant lens coating
• UV lens coating to reduce glare
• Lenses that meet or exceed ANSI and ASTM standards for impact resistance, luminance, and optical clarity
• Quick-change lens system
• Excellent peripheral vision
• Low profile and lightweight design
• Plush, replaceable foam
• Adjustable, replaceable Sure Grip strap
• Neck guard
• Comfortable design meant to fit 96 percent of the population
• Vent plugs that keep stray jell caps and BBs from smashing through holes and hitting your face
• 30-day limited warranty

Sick Graphics
At Save Phace, we offer seven tactical mask categories, each with slightly different features and graphics. The LL Series includes the Vengeance airsoft mask, the sickest mask for airsoft play you’ll find anywhere. (Please note that the Vengeance mask is not to be used for paintball!)

While the LL Series offers the most affordable tactical masks for airsoft play, it’s wise to choose a paintball-rated mask if that’s a sport you enjoy as well. Then, you have one mask for all your extreme sports.

When you choose a mask from the Diss, Dope, OU812, Marks Allot, So Phat, or Tagged series, you get to choose from killer graphics that put fear in the hearts of your enemies. If the perfect look you have in mind isn’t available, you can also order a custom mask with your very own design. An in-house artist airbrushes your mask by hand, completing the job with a wax product that protects the paint job. In fact, paintballs wipe right off, so your custom look will last a long, long time.

To find the right airsoft masks for the game, please visit the Save Phace website today. Then, learn more by finding us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.

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