Save Phace: Benefits of Tactical Eyewear and Other Paintball Gear

If you’ve ever been hit in the mask with a paintball or BB, you understand the fundamental benefit of wearing the ideal tactical eyewear and paintball gear. Your mask may have saved you from permanent eye damage or even blindness. Aside from the obvious prevention of eye and facial injuries, here are some other benefits of wearing the proper paintball gear.

Improved Visibility

Stop complaining about impaired vision when you wear tactical eyewear. Just find paintball gear with scratch-resistant, anti-fog lenses and you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.

Greater Mobility

Don’t fall for the notion that paintball equipment is heavy and cumbersome. Lightweight gear ensures proper protection without impairing your movement.

All-Over Protection

Every part of exposed skin is susceptible in paintball. Don’t forget about the benefit of neck protection when you wear the right paintball gear.

Increased Comfort

Being stuck with your own stale air can be a drag, so make sure you find paintball equipment that breathes well for optimal comfort in the game.

Killer Graphics

Cool-looking paintball gear can add to your style rather than detract from it. Masks with skulls, camo, robot faces and other designs will help intimidate your paintball foes. You can even have your helmet customized by a professional artist so it has the exact look you’re going for—the badass look suits you well!.

Durability Reigns

With the right investment, you can expect your tactical eyewear to last for a very long time. Look for masks with interchangeable lenses, straps and foam to help your investment last as long as possible. A protective wax product on the mask ensures that paintballs wipe right off, helping the graphic last for years as well.

Allows You to Play

It’s often illegal to play in a tournament without the proper tactical eyewear, so shut up and put your helmet on!

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