The Man Behind the Mask: Pumping Iron Like a Pro



Even if snow is screwing up the time you wanted to be out paintballing, consider that winter is a great time to start pumping iron in preparation for games in the spring. Your buddies will be shocked when you return to paintballing in a few months. Your gear may be the same, but the man behind the mask will have changed thanks to dedicated hours pumping iron this winter. Here are the best paintball training exercises to get pumped for spring.


Don’t rush through these. While push-ups technically aren’t pumping iron, you’ll get great arm, chest and even back definition with this exercise. Start prone on the floor, with your body in a straight line, arms bent at the elbows and palms flat on the floor. Push up until the arms are fully extended, then lower your body almost all the way to the floor. Pause for a count, then push all the way back up. Pause for another count and lower back down, repeating as many times as you can.

Barbell Push Press

With the push-ups out of the way, it’s time for pumping iron with a barbell. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend at the knees to pick up the barbell. Hold it across your shoulders. Then, bend your knees slightly and push the barbell over your head until your arms are straight, exhaling the entire time. Obviously, start with a low weight until you discover your limits.


This pumping iron exercise works your gluteus, quads, and hamstrings. Set a dumbbell on the ground before you and grip it tightly with both hands. With your legs shoulder-width apart, lift the dumbbell using the strength in your legs, not your back, to avoid injury. Repeat this motion several times.

Work Your Core

The core includes your back, abs and sides. A strong core is vital to the success of any paintball player, since this group of muscles helps improve agility, stability and accuracy. Want to run and be able to hit your target at the same time? Then do core workouts! That means doing planks, glute-bridges, sit-ups, crunches, and side bridges.

What are you waiting for? Star pumping iron now to see a boost in your game come spring! Then, learn more about the tactical gear you need when you resume your outdoor adventures by checking out the sick masks, goggles and accessories on our website, Phacebook, or Twitter.

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