Top 5 White Elephant Gifts for Your Save Phace Party, Plus Paintball Apparel


If you have a paintballing buddy who always complains about his gear, get him some new paintball apparel for Christmas this year. Brag about the awesome gift you got him—and then jack with him. Invite him to a white elephant party where you present a gag gift—before you give him the paintball apparel on Christmas. Here are the top five white elephant gifts to give this year at your Save Phace white elephant party.


Bacon Balm

There’s nothing like the flavor of cured meat on your lips to boost your game. Suggest to the recipient of this white elephant gift that they smear on the balm under their paintball apparel for good luck during the next game.

Lump of Coal Gum

This white elephant gift is appropriate if your party guests were naughty this year. At first glance, it looks just like a few lumps of coal, but the recipient will cheer up when they realize that it’s actually gum.

Instant Excuse Ball

Picture a Magic 8 Ball, except the Instant Excuse Ball provides excuses when you’re in a pickle. Irritate the recipient at the white elephant party by asking them to use the Excuse Ball to explain why they thoroughly screwed up in the most recent paintball match.

Assorted Fake Moustaches

Have fun spreading this white elephant gift out to every partygoer so everyone gets one. Spend the rest of the party wearing your moustaches and trying not to laugh at each other.

Prescription Coffee Cup

It’s just what the doctor ordered for sleepy paintball players who can’t get themselves out of bed for the day’s big game. Of course, real paintball players need little more than the adrenalin rush that comes with the anticipation of putting on your Save Phace gear and heading off to take out the competition.

All joking aside, there’s plenty of useful paintball apparel you can get your buddies this year. Whether you’re looking for tactical masks and goggles, new lenses, or other paintball gear accessories, we have the stuff you need.

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