Effective Fishing in Cold Weather – Fall Bite is On


Spring is an amazing time to hit the lake and fish with your buddies, but suppose you don’t want to wait until the weather warms up. In that case, you might need tips for effective fishing in cold weather so you can enjoy some bites now. After all, before the hard cold of winter sets in, there’s still time to catch the ever-popular bass. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get bites in colder weather.


Understand What Cold-Weather Fishing Brings

As you prep your tackle box for effective fishing in cold weather, be aware of some unique qualities of fishing in the fall:

  • Bass actively feed in the fall, meaning they will jump at just about anything you throw at them.
  • Bass make their way toward shallow water in large schools.
  • Cold fronts are common in the fall, and the effective on bass is positive. Fronts that bring changing weather in the fall are accompanied by less rain and run-off than those in the spring.
  • The water is cooler, which generally means it can hold more oxygen.

Know What Lures to Use

In the fall, go big with a larger lure than you might use in the spring. This should come naturally since baitfish had all summer to grow and are now larger than they were in the spring. However, feel free to try a variety of lures bound to be successful on the particular lake you’re fishing at. Just experiment and see what makes for effective fishing in cold weather on your favorite lake.

Some popular lures for fall fishing include:

  • Lipless Crankbaits
  • Crankbaits
  • Plastics
  • Top water baits
  • Pig & Jig combos

Know Where to Fish

As you pick out the perfect spot to set up shop, scrutinize the lake as if it were March. Find a flat to fish from, but only if there’s a creek channel nearby. Bass migrate up these creeks, so that’s where you want to be for effective fishing in cold weather. It’s also important to locate areas of adjacent shallow and deep areas since bass like to hang out here. That way, they can customize their comfort based on the weather, rising to the shallow areas in warmer weather and dropping deeper down when a cold front moves in.

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