Save Phace, the Experts in Extreme Face Protection, Introduces Gen Y Series of Welding Helmets

Gen Y EFP Save Phace

Gen Y EFP Save Phace - Twisted Soul

DALLAS – Save Phace, a trusted face protection company based in North Texas, is pleased to introduce the extreme face protector (EFP) Gen Y Series of welding helmets. This series offers many of the great features found in the Gen X Series, but Gen Y is the first and only welding helmet in the world to offer some exclusive features.

The EFP Gen Y Series offers an adjustable 4/9-13 auto darkening filter (ADF) with grind mode and integrated 180° viewing lens. Save Phace is the first to offer all of these desirable features in a single welding helmet. Other features include a replaceable sweat-absorbent headband, a lens anchor set and heat-resistant nylon construction. Welding helmets from Save Phace come fully assembled and include a helmet bag.

The new series comes complete with striking graphics. Three options are available: Black Ice, Razor and Twisted Soul. Each offers the same great features and is ANSI and CE approved.

All of Save Phace’s EFPs offer welding, grinding and splash protection. While standard welding helmets are big and bulky, Save Phace offers a range of helmets with face-forming profiles so welders can get into tighter spaces with ease. The rounded shape also stays cooler since it doesn’t trap the welder’s breath. Unique graphic designs found in the Old School and Gen X Series are sure to please any welder.

Save Phace makes some of the best face protection in the world because the company leadership is comprised of adrenaline junkies. They participate in active sport activities, and they use the very products they make, so they know what customers are looking for in terms of safety, comfort and style. With over five years of research and development, the Save Phace product line has nearly perfected the products that make extreme activities more comfortable.

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About Save Phace

Located in North Texas and run by a team of adrenaline junkies, Save Phace is dedicated to protecting faces with proven designs with a unique look. With over five years of dedicated research and development, Save Phace is the most trusted face protection company in the world. Customer satisfaction is more than a goal—it’s a way of life.

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  1. MIchael says:

    This new helmet, can it be used in the overhead position?

  2. Lori Ward says:

    Will this helmet be available before Christmas again.

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