Cool Helmets for Any Welder

Slag is no joke, so make sure you’re prepared when you show up at the job site with a cool welding helmet. It takes one hell of a helmet to stop 2,000 degrees on a collision course with your skin, and more often than not, helmet-makers sacrifice aesthetics for function. At Save Phace, you don’t have to choose. Rather than run around in a clunky helmet that looks like someone took a piece of metal and added straps to it, you can keep your face slag-free and look like a boss the whole time.

Save Phace Welding Mask

Old School Series- black out

The EFP mask is filled with Save Phace’s ergonomic design and are fitted to shape your head. Not only are they more comfortable, but they allow you to get into tighter spaces, keeps you cooler with better air circulation, and can be custom painted to anything you want.

Save Phace EFP Gen X

Save Phace EFP Gen X -DOA

They’re the world’s first masks with a 180-degree viewing area, and the Gen X series are the only welding helmets fitted with an auto darkening filter lens that offers the same range of 180-degree vision as the OS Series. If you’re looking for the best welding helmet, Save Phace is the place to go.

Save Phace EFP Gen Y

Save Phace EFP Gen Y- Coming FALL 2012

The Gen Y Series offers all of the great features as the Gen X Series, BUT, it’s the 1st and ONLY Welding Helmet in the world that offers you an Adjustable ADF (Auto Darkening Filter- shades 4/9-13 with Grind Mode) integrated into a 180° Lens design!  The Gen Y is coming in the Fall of 2012, so be ready for this standout helmet.

Save Phace EFP Custom Venom

Save Phace EFP Custom helmet- Venom

If you’re still not convinced, visit our Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube pages to talk to other welders who have bought the Extreme Face Protector. Meet real people who have used the mask, hear their testimonials, and be sold on the EFP.

6 Responses to Cool Helmets for Any Welder

  1. Aubrey Kirk says:

    I would like to see all of the helmets that you have, and some one who has them in stock.

  2. Cody Jack says:

    Were can I buy it?

  3. Old school series black out helmet with shade 10, I have tried both Rapid welding and RSIS in the uk but they cannot get this helmet, how can we purchase one of these we are based in the United Kingdom?

  4. We require a Old School series Black-out with shade 10 lense, we cannot get from Rapid Welding or RSIS in the UK, we need to purchase one for GE Aviation in UK, where can we purchase this helmet?

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