Airsoft for Beginners: What Gun Should I Use?

airsoft-for-beginnersWhen getting ready for your first simulated battle using airsoft, for beginners the best advice is buy cheap. Your first gun won’t be your last, and you will want to save some money for other tactical gear like an airsoft mask and ammunition. There are three types of airsoft guns: spring, gas, and electric. Let’s take a look at each type and see what might be best for beginners.

Spring guns require you to manually cock the gun before each shot. Cocking sets the spring so when you pull the trigger, the energy stored is released to propel the bb. Obviously, spring airsoft guns do not allow automatic fire like a machine gun. They will be more like firing a bolt action rifle.

The advantage spring guns offer for beginners is they are less expensive, so it doesn’t cost a fortune to get into the hobby. The disadvantage is their slow rate of fire; so you may get dissed in combat situations over you slow gun (not to mention slaughtered if you don’t have good cover).

Gas powered guns are generally more expensive. While the gas blowback gives more of a sensation of firing a real gun, these tend to be used more by collectors and serious hobbyists. While they allow automatic fire and offer some of the highest muzzle velocities, they are not the best airsoft guns for beginners. Since they are most commonly found as pistols, it would not be your first choice in a battle anyway.

This leaves electric airsoft guns. These use a battery powered motor to set the spring. You can get fully automatic action. In fact, these are referred to as Automatic Electric Guns (AEG). They tend to be more expensive than spring guns, and with multiple moving parts they will break more often. However, newer guns are generally pretty rugged and should give you prolonged use as long as you do they required routine maintenance.

The disadvantage of AEGs is the battery. While they are rechargeable, you will probably want to carry extras if you are going to be doing battle. Running out of ammo is bad; running out of juice is worse.

Since airsoft guns are essentially a form of bb gun, you need to get the right size. Airsoft guns do not use the same size bbs as a standard bb gun, and different airsoft guns use different sizes. Make sure your gun and ammo match.airsoft-for-beginners

And unless you are really into pain, equipment for airsoft for beginners and experts alike must include the best Face Protection Mask for adrenaline junkies. The Save Phace tactical mask with sick graphics will make your enemies flee. With custom graphics you can really put on your warrior face.

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5 Responses to Airsoft for Beginners: What Gun Should I Use?

  1. Matthew Bacon Szucs says:

    Save Phace for a mask. And id go for a $150 dollar Echo 1 rifle to start out. Get a smart charger and dont use non-seamless crosman bbs. Side arm– you are a beginner so go for Co2 then go to a gas blowback pistol as you get better!

  2. Steven A. says:

    It would be easiest to start with an inexpensive M4. They are highly customizable and easy to maintain. Also, since everybody uses an M4 or M4 variant, there will be a lot of people to ask for help on maintaining your gun.

  3. Anton says:

    Best advice. Go to a dedicated airsoft store if you can, handle as many guns as you can, pick one that feels comfortable, that you like the look of and can afford. Id say avoid guns with abs bodies and avoid sniper rifles when you start. Sniping takes alot of money and time and does get boring. If you can afford it go full metal or pick a G&G Combat Machine. Combat Machines are cheap, have great internals and strong nylon fiber bodies. Then get a battery and smart charger and quality bb’s. Most importantly get good eye protection, either full eye seal goggles or even better a Save Phace mask. Ive been using a Combat Machine M4 and Save Phace Assassin mask for about 18 months now playing almost every weekend. Great kit means hours great, safe fun.

  4. Tyler says:

    I suggest getting something along the lines of JG or CYMA. If you are looking at getting an M4 variant, or a G36 variants, then JG is where you want to go, as their external quality is very nice for a lower priced gun, and they come with full metal gear boxes, with a brilliant motor, and nearly invulnerable gears. However, if you are looking for a Ak variant, or an m14, CYMA is the way you want to go. Their externals are very sturdy, and their AK line up is just beautiful. If you wanted, for around $150, you can get a full metal, real wood AK47 after coupons at any store. Most JG’s and CYMA’s are under $175, and including most of the polymer AK’s from CYMA, and the more basic m4’s for under $125.

    These guns are really good for beginners because of their cost, and they are an excellent platform for upgrades further down the road.

    You shouldn’t purchase a side-arm until several months into your air-soft career, if you have found yourself in situations during battle where you are running out of ammo, or need to bring up a weapon faster than you can bring up your rifle. A side-arm isn’t really something you can go cheap on, gas are recommended, and most good quality side-arms will be gas blow-back. Stores like wall-mart however are beginning to carry gas pistols at the sub-$75 range that are relatively decent price, but as with all things in life, you get what you pay for, and they will not last as long as a KWA gas blow-back pistol. You may decide after several battles that you would rather spend that money on something other than a side-arm, like gear or accessories for your primary weapon.

    Another thing you want to get, is a good smart charger. Most of them run around the $25 dollar range, and they are a must for properly charging your battery. I know what your thinking, “but what about the charger that came with my gun?”, Well that charger will funnel power into your battery, it will not efficiently do it, and it will not stop once the battery is full which means that you must watch it every second it is plugged, to make sure it doesn’t get very hot. Smart chargers check the amount of power in the battery, and it stops with it is full, making sure it doesn’t leak back out while doing so.

    BB’s are another thing that shouldn’t be to cheap. While crossman bb’s are OK about 85% of the time, they do have flaws in them every now and then, and if you only use crossman bb’s, then you will find that flawed bb one of these days, and if you don’t find it before it finds your gun, you will be having a very bad day. TSD and Elite Force are very good brands when it comes to bb’s, and they are some of the cheapest in price, for some of the better quality bb’s on the market. .20 gram bb’s are the lowest weight you should put into any gun, and .12 gram bb’s should be reserved for your $15 spring pistol as they will shatter and destroy a higher quality gun. .25g is the most optimum weight for guns that run around the 350-420 fps range, .20g is fine for sub-350, and anything over 420 is not going to be allowed for use anywhere, in an automatic gun.

  5. Kim Wisley says:

    The AEG airsoft guns or Computerized Electrical Guns are the most bought airsoft on the industry nowadays. You see far more of these guns on the battlefield in games of war because they are the most functional.

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