Clarks Hill Fish for Life Foundation and Events

fish-for-lifeAt Save Phace, we like to get involved in events that help the community, which is why we donated ten of our masks to the Clarks Hill Fish for Life Foundation earlier this spring. In a nutshell, the charity helps abused, neglected or underprivileged children in Columbia County (Georgia) by providing support for families in need. For example, proceeds from open-team bass fishing tournaments go toward meeting the charity’s goals. Here’s a deeper look at the Clarks Hill Fish for Life Foundation and how Save Phace has been involved in changing children’s lives.

About the Foundation

In 2010, a handful of avid bass fishermen in Augusta, Ga., came together for a single cause: use the sport of bass fishing to help less fortunate families and children in the community. The foundation is made up of concerned citizens who want to benefit the lives of others. It doesn’t exist to benefit any private parties, but simply to support those who are suffering. Today, three bass fishing tournaments are held per year in Columbia County to raise funds for the foundation’s efforts.

Clarks Hill Fish for Life Foundation Testimonial

CEO Ron Brown expressed his thanks to Save Phace for the mask donations.

“I want to thank you and your company for all you have done,” Brown said. “We had a huge turnout; almost 400 kids attended the latest fishing tournament! It was a great day, and your Save Phace masks were a big hit. We made a lot of money on the raffle, and every winner was very happy with their mask. I wish you really knew how much your donation is helping the underprivileged children of the CSRA. Thanks again for your support!”


In the past two years, the Clarks Hill Fish for Life Foundation has accomplished some pretty amazing things. With the help of local volunteers, sponsors and the founding bass fishermen, the foundation has:

  • Given assistance to a cancer patient who had to travel far for treatment.
  • Donated funds to cancer research and prevention.
  • Helped a local family when their home was lost in a fire.
  • Awarded college scholarships to two deserving students.
  • Donated hundreds of toys to deserving children.
  • Provided funds to the Columbia County Exchange Club to benefit the Child Advocacy Center.
  • Supported the Wildwood Park through contributed funds.
  • Offered donations to the local food bank.
  • Donated kitchen equipment to a local church.

The Clarks Hill Fish for Life Foundation is just scratching the surface of their potential for serving the local community, and we were proud to be a part of a recent event! For more information about events that Save Phace has supported, be sure to check out the blog and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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