What’s Your Motorcycle Riding Equipment?

motorcycle-riding-equipmentNow that you’re breaking out the motorcycle for spring and summer riding, you’ve got to get the right motorcycle riding equipment for safety and protection. A convertible is enough for some people, but motorcycle enthusiasts need an even greater open-air experience. Here’s what motorcycle equipment you and your passenger should be wearing when cruising on your bike:

  • Jacket: It may be awesome to feel the wind on your bare arms, but if you want to keep them from being scraped up in an accident, suck it up and put on a jacket. Leather is a good look for you anyway.
  • Pants: Again, shorts may be cooler and breezier, but the legs are the most commonly injured body parts in motorcycle accidents. You don’t need fancy riding pants in your motorcycle riding equipment arsenal; jeans work just fine. You can get your hands on some sweet motorcycle riding pants if you want, though.
  • Boots: With sturdy riding boots accompanying your leather jacket and motorcycle pants, you’re really starting to look badass now! Choose sturdy, comfortable boots that have hard armor and padding around the ankle. With bad boys that fit this description, you’ll know your feet are protected.
  • Gloves: Nice gloves give you a steady grip on the motorcycle handlebars and protect your hands from cold wind. In case of an accident, they obviously provide protection if you go flying and try to break your fall with your hands. Gloves are clearly a must in your motorcycle riding equipment.motorcycle-riding-equipment-1
  • Helmet or mask: It’s not uncommon to see a motorcyclist with no more protective gear than a helmet, and some riders don’t even have that. If you’re one of those who choose not to wear a helmet, you should at least include a Sports Utility Mask with your motorcycle riding equipment to protect your face. Of course, if you prefer whipping wind that brings tears to your eyes—or you want the extra protein gained when you swallow a bug every few minutes—then by all means, don’t wear a helmet or a mask. Otherwise, include one in your motorcycle equipment arsenal.

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