Bass Fishing Gear: Total Eclipse Sports Utility Mask Promotion

Promotion on our Total Eclipse (sports utility mask)! Started as bass fishing gear and now used for much more! If you can ride it, you can wear it!


Save Phace is giving 40% off of the Total Eclipse mask!

That Phantasic code will be good through May 31, 2012.

So all you need to do is:

1.)   Like us on Facebook.

2.)   Use Promo Code: Total40

3.)   Head to the Save Phace website and take care of business!

The Total Eclipse SUM is just that — A Sports Utility Mask.  It is not a tactical mask and is not to be used for anything tactical related (Airsoft, Paintball, etc.).   Say good-bye to watery eyes, frigid faces, and the ringing in your ears from the cold while you’re hauling ass! Use this badass mask as bass fishing gear and while you’re out on your boats, ATVs, Sand Rails, motorcycles, jet skis, and dune-buggies.  If you can ride it, you should wear it!

Give us a call 800-989-1975 X.3 for anything and everything Save Phace! For more chances to WIN, check out our FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn pages, and for sick videos, head to our YouTube Channel!

2 Responses to Bass Fishing Gear: Total Eclipse Sports Utility Mask Promotion

  1. Brian says:

    Posted sale over on Bass Cat owners forum, you are pretty poplar over there. Did you see Britt Myers who came in 2nd last weekend’s picture in his Save Phase racing across the lake in his Puma?

    • jsokoloff says:

      Thanks Brian for spreading the word, definitely appreciate it and I’m sure who scores with this promo will be thanking you too! No, don’t think I did. Do you have those pics or a link? pretty rad!!

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