Save Phace Deploys New Welding Gear

welding-gearYou asked for it, and now we’re delivering. The Save Phace community has been lighting up Twitter and Facebook with requests for a hardhat adapter for your Extreme Face Protectors, and now you can finally weld in the added comfort and safety provided by our new welding gear.

If you’re a welder and you don’t have an EFP of your own, you’re missing out on the best that welding helmets have to offer. The EFP boasts the largest viewing area and smallest profile of any mask on the market, letting you get into tighter spaces for extra precision. It’s also more formfitting than any other mask on the market, keeping you cooler and safer when the arcs start to fire.

The super-tough ABS material that our EFPs are made of withstands anything you can throw at it (literally), and it’s been ANSI and CE certified for added assurance that’s just as important as the comfort of your face. These masks provide a 9-point adjustment halo and, since we know time is money, we made it so that the lenses can be changed in just 15 seconds.

One thing we didn’t give you, though, is the ability to wear your mask in tandem with a hardhat. To atone and to let you know that we take your requests to heart, we’re introducing an attachment for just such a purpose. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, you can get the attachment custom airbrushed by our professional artists so that it matches the sweet decals on your mask.

It’s like a birthday for welders. Coming soon….Our new lineup of welding gear will turn heads, drop jaws, and save your face more than any other mask in the world. If you want more information on the EFP, check out this blog, and remember to keep talking with us on Twitter and Facebook—we listen, and we’ve got the welding gear to prove it.

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