Best Face Protection Mask | When the Winds of Change Blow, better have a Save Phace

Best Face Protection Mask  

Another bad-ass story of why you should never leave home without your Save Phace mask, courtesy of Cody Sullivan, a Phan of all things Save Phace!

best-face-protection-maskI was at Table Rock Lake for the EverStart Central Division event in February when the tornado came through Kimberling Inn Resort in Kimberling City, Mo. It was about 1:15 a.m. when I heard debris being thrown up against our room. Although it felt much longer, it was all over in about ten seconds.

I stepped outside to look at the damage; it was like a bomb had gone off in the parking lot. Stairs had been detached from the hotel’s exterior, railings fell off the third floor, almost every window in the hotel was shattered and many doors were blown in.

After getting over the shock of it all, I assessed the damage done to my truck and boat. Aside from the many blown out windows, there was a piece of three-quarter-inch plywood that was thrown through the windshield and ended up lodged into the dash of the truck.

After hours of picking through debris and collecting and situating all my gear, we were finally ready to get our replacement windshield. There was only one problem: in order to get the windshield, we would have to travel to Branson, Mo., which had also just gotten hit by a tornado. With help from local guide Mike Webb, we cut out what was left of the busted windshield; however, we were unable to get the plywood out of the dash for safety and functional reasons.

The inside of the truck was covered in glass shards. In order to make it to Branson without risking getting glass in my eyes, I needed to wear something to protect my face. I scrolled through some options in my head until I realized I had a great face mask to wear. I pulled out my Save Phace and hit the road. It wasn’t so much the wind and the pelting bugs that were the problem, but the loose glass flying around the inside of my truck. My Save Phace kept my face perfectly protected from all the dangerous elements of my drive. Without my Save Phace mask, I could not have made it all the way to Branson safely. My Save Phace mask really saved the day, getting to Branson for that replacement windshield, which made it possible for me to return home to Champaign, Ill., without a scratch.

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  1. That has to be one of the BEST paintball gear stories I’ve heard yet and it has absolutely nothing to do with a game. Love it!

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