Types of Airsoft Guns – Part 2

airsoft-gunsThere is a wide variety of airsoft guns from which to choose, and the list is so long we had to divide it into two parts. This is Part 2, in which we go over some other common varieties. In case you missed Part 1, read it here.

Electric Blowbacks

If you’re looking to replicate the feeling of firing a real gun but want to steer clear of the cost of filling up a gas cartridge these babies are exactly what you’re looking for. These typically run on a rechargeable 9-volt battery and give the shooter a bit of a kick when fired. Although they can come in an automatic gun, most are semi-auto rifles due to the stress the blowback puts on the gun’s gearbox. The battery is also more quickly depleted in this category of gun.

Mini Electrics

True to their name, these guns are small and quick. They don’t stack up to full-size electrics in standard combat due to their inaccuracy at long range, but they are sometimes used as a sidearm in lieu of a standard spring-loaded pistol. At short range, these guns can pack a punch and are sometimes seen in competitive play for this purpose.

Automatic Electric Pistols

Another good choice for a sidearm, auto electric pistols are a good choice in cold-weather environments since CO2 underperforms in frigid temperatures. Again, they are mostly useful in close-range due to their rapid-fire capabilities and maneuverability.

Training Weapons

The most realistic type of airsoft gun, these are used to train military and law enforcement officials and are made of high-quality aluminum to simulate the weight of an everyday weapon. Their strength, stability, and ease of maintenance makes them a great choice for those looking for a realistic adaptation of the real thing.


A common alternative to electric guns, gas-powered airsoft guns can run on a variety of gases and tend to be more common in high-end, competitive pistols where the compact size makes an electric firing mechanism unfeasible. The only real issues with these guns are cold-weather situations and the need to fill the air tanks. The former greatly decreases the effectiveness of gas, sometimes halving muzzle velocity and only allowing for a few shots, and the latter can cost a good chunk of money unless you have a pump at home. Still, these weapons are a common choice in competitive play and give the shooter some of the kick of a real weapon.

Classic Guns

Classic guns are renowned for their collector’s value and, depending on the make, can be some of the best guns around. Although they typically cost more than their electric counterparts, these guns often hit closer to home in the realism department.

And there you have it. Personal preference is as important as any information you’ll ever be able to find, but hopefully this list gives you a good starting place in your search for perfect airsoft guns. If you have any questions or want to connect with other airsoft enthusiasts, please stop by SavePhace.com or visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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