Buying Correct Tactical Gear for Safety

Tactical-GearSave Phace makes tactical gear and face protection for a variety of uses, including welding, cutting, bass fishing, paintball, airsoft, and other tactical sports. Two of the three main categories of masks are sports utility masks (SUMs) and tactical masks.

Recently, a Save Phace customer was playing paintball while wearing what he thought was a paintball mask. At one point a paintball  hit the lens directly, and the lens popped out and landed on the ground. Fortunately, he called out “Blind man!” covered his eyes and fell to the ground, so the situation ended without an incident. The man later discovered that his mask was an SUM, not a tactical mask, which he needed to safely play paintball.

If you are looking for a paintball mask, it is vital that you choose the tactical mask because of its design. If you need to keep rain or sand off your face while working, the SUM is the right choice. Here’s a look at the main differences between SUMs and tactical masks.

Tactical Masks:

  • Are designed for high-impact situations, such as paintball, airsoft, military, and UTM training.
  • Feature a lens anchor system designed for high impact.
  • Have vent holes for better airflow and unhindered breathing.
  • Include a removable forehead protector.
  • Feature interior strap clips to prevent a paintball from ejecting the strap off the mask.

Sports Utility Masks:

  • Are designed for bass boats, sand rails, and motorcyclists.
  • Feature two thumb tabs to release the lens easily.
  • Do not have vent holes.
  • Have a one-piece design.
  • Feature exterior strap clips for easy removal. However, if a paintball hits it, the strap will be ejected off the mask.

With these characteristics in mind as you shop for either a tactical mask or SUM, you know which type of mask best suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to inform a friend who might be wearing a sports utility mask that it isn’t tactical gear made to be worn as a paintball mask. They might not be as lucky as the man who simply had his lens popped out by a paintball.

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