Airsoft Gun Safety


An Airsoft Gun, the plastic-like and more realistic cousin of paintball, has become just as popular as the latter in some areas and is especially common among groups of friends who would rather not go through the hassle of traveling to a venue and paying to compete on specialized courses for their hobby. For those who are just getting into this sport, there are some important safety precautions to follow before going full-out Rambo on your neighbor.

Eye Protection

Just as in paintball, protecting your eyes from the projectiles is extremely important. Although airsoft BBs are smaller than paintballs, they can still blind you if you get hit in just the wrong spot. It comes down to personal preference whether you want to wear a full paintball-style facemask or are going for just plastic safety glasses – both are common and, while the glasses usually provide greater and more natural vision, BBs across the cheek or in the ear are no fun and often sting and break skin. You could proceed with caution and play tentative, or you could get a badass mask from Save Phace that looks great and could save you that pain, pal.

Realism Issues

You may live in a country where airsoft guns come with those bright orange tips on them to distinguish them from their deadly counterparts. If you’re playing in a more populated area, which isn’t recommended, you may get a visit from Johnny Law (local law enforcement officers), who most likely will be concerned with the weapon you’re carrying. If you’ve removed the orange tip, you’re going to be ticketed with a federal offense and might even face prison time. Although they’re ugly and ruin the realism of the gun, that’s exactly the point of them and we advise you to never tamper with that cap.


A close shot from a speedy gun can knock out teeth. Unless you’re into the gap-mouth look, we suggest strictly following the 15-foot (5 meter) no-shot rule. Most airsoft fields enforce this rule anyway, and breaking it can result in getting banned from the park.

Although airsoft guns aren’t, strictly speaking, “real” guns, they should be treated as such and inappropriate use can result in serious injury. Know the risks and how to keep you and your friends safe when you’re playing.

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