The Blink of an Eye

By Gannon Gray, a Save Phace phanatic
who wouldn’t dare take to the paintball battlefield without his trusty bada$$ mask.

Anyone who has played even one game of paintball knows just how fast the tide of the battle can change.

There you are, crouched behind some old tires at your local field, paintballs are whizzing by, with tens of hundreds of rounds pounding the tires that are keeping you in the game. Your heart is pounding, your adrenaline rushing; you’ve got two kills under your belt that game. You hear the other team calling out maneuvers and you are positive an enemy player is nearby. Slowly, you poke your head up just enough to take a quick look-see. There he is… the best player on the other team caught out in the open. He’s been lighting up you and your buddies all day. He’s that “lone wolf” type of speedball player in a whole group of woodsballers, and now it’s time for some payback.

Paint is splattering all around you. It’s a hot day outside and you’re breathing heavy. Your kill—the kill of the day—begins to fade away under a thick layer of fog! You think to yourself “It’s now or never!” You quickly draw up your sights, take aim as best you can possibly manage through all that fog and pull the trigger rapidly, spraying a volley of paint all around your target. That split second goes by where you listen for him to yell “Hit!” and take the walk of shame off the field. But, all you hear is a loud “Smack”, a yellow paintball smacks the right side of your lens, and there’s a sharp sting in your shoulder. YOUR perfect kill slipped right past you because of a fogged lens. It is truly amazing how those incredible “He’s mine” moments can turn into a “Holy crap, are you kidding me?!” moment in the blink of an eye. Trust me guys; I know first-hand how that feels. So, why let your game be RUINED by a cruddy mask?

When choosing a mask, you want to get something that you can rely on; something durable, fog resistant, and something that will absolutely scare the pants off the other team when they see you pop around a corner or rain balls o’ fury from a tower! Most importantly, you want it all at a great price, right? I highly recommend checking out Save Phace’s masks, guys… they’re legit! They’ve got everything you need, from the durability, the reliability and, in my opinion, the best feature of all: the INSANE graphics on these bad boys. Don’t just play like a pro, BE a pro with Save Phace!

Save Phace is the creator of the world’s most amazing face protection, including the sickest tactical mask you’ll ever find. We’re all about protecting your head while you get into extreme sports like paintball, airsoft, fishing, ATV riding, and more. To learn more, visit, follow us on Facebook and <a href="http://twitter tadalafil citrate 20 mg” rel=”nofollow”>Twitter, and check out our Youtube channel.

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