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Save Phace is the creator of the world’s most amazing face protection, including the sickest sports utility mask you’ll ever find. We’re all about protecting your head while you get into extreme sports like fishing, paintball, airsoft, ATV riding, and more. Here’s a story to get you going, from a Save Phace Phan who knows how to make an impression!

One Look at the Reds Schoolin’ and You’ll be Hooked! 

We all hear fish tales from time to time about “the one that got away,” right? Losers! It’s much better—and a helluva lot more fun—to brag about the ones that didn’t get away! Let me tell you about a recent outing with my buddy Kyle.

It was back in November, when the fishing had been off the hook! Now Kyle was no stranger to catching redfish on a charter, but he had never experienced sight-fishing for redfish… and this was the perfect time, too, as the reds were schoolin’ and gettin’ fat for the winter. “This is going to your day!” I told Kyle.

We ran down the river and started looking for the obvious signs of a group of reds running the bank. Almost immediately I spotted a couple of seagulls following a huge wake down the bank. “There’s our fish,” I told Kyle as his jaw dropped when he saw the 200 or so redfish working down the bank.  If you’ve never seen redfish schooling, let me tell you: it’s a beautiful sight to see. It looks like a group of baitfish moving around in an aquarium—except all the fish are over 20 inches.  Kyle immediately wanted in on the action—and who could blame him? So did I!!

I handed Kyle his rod with a popping cork and bait, reminding him to make sure to lead the fish when he threw it. His first cast was perfect! I quickly grabbed another rod and reel and tossed it out in front of the school as well. Wham!!! Kyle had a fish on!

I went to get the net when the second rod went off with another fish on—the daily double, right?! “Ready to catch some redfish,” I jokingly asked Kyle. His answer was an emphatic “YES!” I reached over and handed him the second rod and reel, and for the next 30 seconds or so Kyle stood there with both rods, one in each hand, listening to the drag screaming off both reels, with the biggest smile on his face.

Now that’s the way to start a fishing trip… Kyle caught him a bunch of reds that day!!

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