Save Phace SUM-Not Just a Cold Weather Mask

By Chris Mason,

Another BadA$$ Phan of all things

Save Phace!

Rewind to January 2011. I was competing in the Western Outdoor News Pro/Am Season Opener at Lake Shasta. Fog delays for over 2 hours and low 20 degree weather provided quite a chilling event, to say the least. Mix that with 65+ mph morning runs that averaged 20-30 minutes and you get one ill-motivated fisherman!

So, after that weekend of frozen misery (bear in mind, us California boys aren’t used to that), I became very familiar with masks of all types and brands. Save Phace continued to be the choice, so I had one shipped out. I had no idea, however, where the true value lies with that piece of equipment. After nearly a year on the water and about a dozen tournaments, I found that wearing my SUM during every run saved my eyes from that redness and burning when I returned home, and it also kept my face from becoming chapped. Perhaps just as important as the cold weather protection was the blunt trauma protection. I have been hit by baits that were left on the front deck, coke cans, numerous bugs, water spray and two near misses from small birds. The mask works much like a bulletproof vest or body armor in that respect. It disperses the trauma received throughout the mask and the area it covers … i.e.: your mug!

So, my strong suggestion to anyone that drives or rides on a boat is to use your mask, even on hot days and short rides. I can pretty much guarantee that it will eventually Save your Phace on more than one occasion!

It has now become apparent that my Save Phace SUM has really earned its place on my boat. Anytime you step on my boat, you will see it hanging from my throttle.

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