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Save Phace is the creator of the world’s most amazing face protection, including the sickest tactical mask you’ll ever find. We’re all about protecting your head while you get into extreme sports like paintball, airsoft, bass fishing, ATV riding, and more. Here’s a story to get you going, from a Save Phace Phan who knows how to make an impression!

Suiting Up for the Big Game (Save Phace Style!)

By Gannon Gray,

One BadA$$ Phan of all things Save Phace!

I think I speak for the majority of the avid paintball/airsofters out there when I say that one of the best things about paintball and airsoft is making customizations to your load out and gear, right? I mean it’s different from other sports uniforms. Basketball has its standard jersey and game shorts; football has its helmets and logos, etc… That stuff is cool and all, but when you look at your gear, doesn’t the old U.S. Marine saying “This is my rifle; there are many like it, but this one is mine” pop into your head? Sure, we may not be talking about weapons specifically, but that feeling of pride and looking like a total badass is one of the best things about paintball and airsoft.

When you put on that tactical vest all tricked out with different patches and logos, you’re like a dog taking a whiz behind a bush! You’re letting every other dude at that place know who you are and where you stand on the battlefield! Now it’s time to let the guy know you’re serious. There you are, standing over your duffel bag full of gear. He’s staring you down from across the way. All his little wanna-be cowboy friends are givin’ you the eye as well. “What’s he got in the bag?” they wonder. You can hear their faint little comments and you see the smirks on their faces. Typical guys that think they’re the envy of the field and that they dominate everything in their path. You know who I’m talking about.

Pay ’em no mind. You just go about your business, getting your ammo together and loaded up; paintballs in your hopper or BB’s in your mags—depending on your sport preference. Go ahead and take a quick swig of that Monster while you’re at it, too.

Soon enough, the ref calls out for all players to the starting point on the field. Everyone is grabbing their gear, even John Wayne and his posse is getting their fancy equipment together. They take one last look at you, thinking that you have no clue of what’s coming to you. Just in that instant you reach down into your bag… and pull out your SAVE PHACE! You see out of the corner of your eye the guys who were once mocking you are now looking at you like you just might be able to dish it right back to ’em! That’s right; you just kicked dirt all over that wet mulch! I mean who would wanna mess with the guy packing a couple hundred rounds of ammo on a vest with a patch that reads “zombie killer” and rocking a Save Phace Carnage? I admit, looking good on the field isn’t everything—far from it, ladies and gentlemen. But when I step out onto the playing field, I wanna do it in style. I wanna step out there with a Save Phace!

If you want to step out with a Save Phace as well, call 1-800-989-1875, extension 3, to get information, including price quotes on customized masks! Even better, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to be part of our community of extreme sports enthusiasts. Then grab some gear, grab some buddies, and go grab some fun!

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  1. Doug says:

    You protect the face we will “Protect the Boys”

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