The Story behind the Design of the World’s Best Welding Helmet

Give the people what they want!

In this case, we desired to give welders what they wanted. That’s why Save Phace went out and spoke with 200+ welders, asking them “How can we create for you the best welding helmet on the market?” “What do you want in a new style welder helmet?” “What do you not like about the current welding helmet”?

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We brought back all of the ideas and information we collected, and began to design and engineer the most radical welding mask in the industry, the EFP (“Extreme Face Protector”).  What did we learn from welders across the country?

  • Welders (you) wanted a welder helmet in which hot air doesn’t get trapped.

Save Phace’s response: The EFP was designed with a rounded, face-forming profile so that hot air can escape down and out, or up and out of the mask. The result? Breathing is made easier and the temperature in the helmet is 6 degrees cooler.

  • You wanted the ability to work in tighter, more cramped spaces.

Save Phace’s response: With the EFP’s shorter, more rounded profile, you can complete complicated tasks more easily. No one wants to tell their boss or client, “Sorry, but I can’t get the job done!”

  • You wanted a welding helmet that provided more peripheral vision.

Save Phace’s response: The EFP’s 180-degree shield allows you to have full peripheral vision. What if something splattered or accidentally caught on fire?  How quickly would you want to know about that! Or, how many times has someone walked up on you while welding and you didn’t know it? That’s an accident just waiting to happen!

  • You wanted a welding mask that can withstand the toughest conditions.

Save Phace’s response: The EFP is constructed out of high-impact ABS plastic. We intentionally made sure that we exceeded CE and ANSI standards. In fact, during testing, save phace welding maskthe helmet actually sustained a shot by a steel ball traveling at almost 500 feet per second. Our welder helmet needed to be as tough as the people who would be wearing it.

Finally, we decided to create a custom welding mask that was as individualistic as the welders we spoke with. That’s why we designed it to be the world’s first welding helmet that could be customized with the sickest graphics possible. Welders aren’t boring people… so why should their helmets be boring?!?

We are very proud of the EFP, and we designed it so that you would be proud to wear it.

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  1. Jake Smith says:

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  2. cnc milling says:

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