EFP’s Adjustable Halo: The Welder’s Guardian Angel

In order to create the world’s best welding helmet, Save Phace interviewed 200 welders about what kind of halo system would be most beneficial for them. What they told us was that they were sick and tired of the current, cheap halo systems found in traditional welder helmets.

Save Phace executives searched the globe and found the very best 9-point adjustable halo system. It was then implemented into the design engineering of the EFP (“Extreme Face Protector”). What welders like about it is that there is an adjustment at the top (for welders with large heads), and adjustment at the back (for welders with “fat” heads), and adjustments on each side that can raise or lower the helmet appropriately.

Save Phace Welding

One of our favorite features of the EFP’s halo system is the series of internal adjustments that can be made by the welder. The system permits you to move the EFP further away from your face if you are wearing a respirator, or closer to your face if you are grinding.

The EFP’s halo system, with its set of replaceable washers, screws, nuts, and spacers, is very easy to use. And because time is money, we made sure that adjustments can be made quickly, if necessary. We are extremely proud of the EFP, and we designed the custom welding mask so that you would be proud to wear it. Give it a try and you’ll see, and feel, the difference. As much time as you wear it, shouldn’t you have a welder helmet that’s made the trip into the 21st century?

Have questions or need help deciding which EFP is right for you? Our team is here for you. Feel free to call us at 1-866-783-3223 or visit our site www.SavePhace.com. Also, if you are interested in selling the EFP we have amazing terms and conditions. Plus, if you qualify, we will send you one to try out. Head over to the form to get started.

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  1. Charles Hough says:

    I am a retired/w/disability welder with 30 yrs experience and just happened on this site and found it to be interesting. The addition of extended adjustments to the Halo would have come in very handy for many yrs of my career. I hope you can get your products to more of our journeymen. I can remember too well having to take the hood off and hold it in front of my face depending on the space and vision conditions. Too bad I don’t weld anymore it would be nice to try new stuff.

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