How to Assemble the EFP OS Series Welding Helmet

One of the reasons why Save Phace’s EFP (“Extreme Face Protector”) is heralded as the best welding helmet in the world is because of the way we have designed and engineered it. Welding is hard enough work… why should your welder helmet be hard to put together?  Here is how the OS (“Old School”) Series can be quickly assembled in 60-90 seconds:


EFP halo spacers, screws, locking pieces, washers, nuts

EFP #3, 5, 8, 10, 12 and 14 passive lenses

EFP lens anchors and lens keys

Assembly Directions:

1)    Start on one side of the helmet by snapping the spacer into the hole on the inside of the helmet. Put one of the screws and place it through the hole on the halo, and then through the locking piece, so that the stem is sticking out. NOTE: Make sure that the screw and locking piece are both on the same setting on each side of the halo.

2)    Insert screw and locking piece through the spacer and hole in the helmet. On the outside of the helmet, place the washer over the screw. Then, take the nut and twist the knobs of the nut onto the screw to finish attaching the halo to the helmet. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other side of the helmet.

3)    Take the desired lens and snap it into the helmet frame. Insert the lens anchors into each side of the lens.

4)    Finally, from the inside of the helmet, attach the lens keys to the lens anchors. When this is done, you’ll hear an audible snap. Then, you’ll know that the lens is properly attached to the helmet.

Check out this video!

Pretty simple, huh? Now, you’re ready to go and make welding or grinding history. Plus, look and stay cool doing it!

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