Product Comparison: EFP Mask vs. Traditional Welding Helmet

Product Comparison: EFP Helmet vs. Traditional Welding Helmet

When trying to determine the best welding helmet for your needs, it’s important to get all of the facts. For as many hours as you wear your welder helmet, you deserve a good product comparison so that you can make an educated purchase decision. You don’t want to get the same helmet that Tom, Dick, and Harry got years ago (the one that they are always complaining to you about!), and then kick yourself for not doing the right thing by getting the welding mask you really wanted to get! So, how does Save Phace’s radical EFP (“Extreme Face Protector”) stack up against the traditional welding helmet?

Category: VisionExtreme Face Protector

For one, we created the Gen X series of the EFP to offer you the world’s first and only 180-degree peripheral vision shield with ADF. Traditional welding helmets force you to look only straight ahead, and limits your viewing through a tiny rectangular window.

Winner = EFP

Category: Profile

The design of the EFP contains a lower profile than the typical “Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto” welding helmet. This allows you to get into tighter nooks and crannies when the occasion arises. And even with the lower profile, the EFP offers the same amount of face coverage as the traditional welder helmet.

Winner = EFP

Category: Air Movement

One common problem welders have faced throughout the years is how to get out the hot air that gets trapped in the mask. The EFP was designed to solve that issue through its rounded, face-forming profile. This allows the hot air to escape either down and out, or up and out, which causes the temperature inside the EFP mask to be a verifiable 6 degrees cooler than a traditional welder mask.

Winner = EFP

Category: Comfort

Welding takes a large amount of concentration, and it’s hard to concentrate on your task when you’re uncomfortable. The EFP gets high marks for 9-point adjustment halo system.Extreme Face Protector This provides you with greater versatility when determining the best forward or aft position against your face. It also lets you comfortably utilize a respirator under the mask (always a good idea when welding).

Winner = EFP

Category: Look

Are you kidding? Custom welding mask with sick graphics vs. something that King Arthur wore… you tell me who wins (see… enough said.

When performing a side-by-side comparison of Save Phace’s EFP against the traditional welder helmet, it’s a landslide victory for the EFP… no hanging chads or ballot errors. If it was an MMA fight, the EFP submits “Mr. Roboto” with a guillotine choke-hold in 10 seconds flat.

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