EFP Masks From Save Phace: The Extreme Face Protector

When it comes to working with metal, there is no substitute for having great equipment. Having the best welding helmet to make sure you get through your projects can be the difference between a clean bead and total crap. Most of us know the limitations presented by most welding masks and for the most part, we just deal with them.

Well, the crew at Save Phace has come up with something that spits in the face of status quo. Check out this short clip about the the EFP Masks from the world leader in face protection. The Extreme Face Protector has what you have been looking for.

What did you think? Would you like to try one? If you are interested in selling these, fill out this simple form. If you want to win one to use, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

2 Responses to EFP Masks From Save Phace: The Extreme Face Protector

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  2. Helmy says:

    I have a save phace , i have had alot of welding sheldis in the last 20 years of welding and i can say i will not buy any other shield . I had a part that broke on my shield you save phace give me a new part right then and there. Thanks for standing behind your product. I always say I don’t like my shield, I love my shield!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks , Tim Petticrew

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