The History of Extreme Paintball and Importance of Facemasks

Extreme Paintball

Extreme Paintball Helmet

As paintball is gaining in popularity across the world, its rise is attributed to the growing number of adrenaline-hungry, action junkies whose idea of a good time is extreme paintball competition. If you ask me, they’ve got things pretty well figured out: when the zombie apocalypse finally breaks out, would you rather make your stand with an everyday office worker or someone who’s spent the last six years preparing by keeping in shape and aiming a weapon into the forehead of his enemies? Exactly.

Extreme paintball has an interesting and unexpected history, originating in 1960s when some forestry workers needed a safe and reliable way to mark trees ready for cutting. They went to the Nelson paint company for ideas, and Nelson came up with a primitive type of marker. Shortly after, Charles Nelson, the owner, brought his invention to Crossman Arms (recognize the name?) for mass production. However, it wasn’t until 1981 that people got the idea to shoot at each other recreationally, and in June of that year the first ever paintball game was played. The players went to Sports Illustrated and Times magazines to spread the news, and from there paintball began its takeover of modern culture.

Luckily, we’ve made a good deal of progress with extreme paintball since then. I hate to think how many people in that game were shot in the eye due to lack of understanding of the power of their weapons. After paintball moved into the mainstream, regulations started popping up requiring players to wear face and eye protection in the form of paintball helmets. Anyone who has ever played paintball knows just how much those little pellets can hurt, and your eyes are one of the wimpiest parts of your body. It doesn’t take much to damage your eyes, and with enough force you can actually pop an eyeball. If the image of eye juice oozing out over your face doesn’t convince you to wear a mask, I don’t know what will and the best advice I can give you at that point is to land a job that doesn’t require sight.

Facemasks are the most important piece of safety equipment that someone can have in paintball. Save Phace offers the best selection of practicality and protection on the market, and if you’re looking for some sick aesthetics with your impenetrable face shield we’ll deliver. Don’t be an idiot – wear protection.

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  1. Doug says:

    Just did an excellent interview with Jerry! Outstanding product. Love the military grade anti-fog coating. Perfect for paintball snipers. Good job Save Phace!

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