Save Phace Launches a New Webiste and Extreme Face Protector

Save Phace has officially launched a new website and the Extreme Face Protector!

That’s right, adrenaline junkies. Save Phace, the world leader in face protection, has launched a new and revamped website, fit to stand up to anything you crazy adventure-seekers can dish out. With our diverse lineup of masks to fit any type of situation, Save Phace is the one-stop-shop for all of your messed up mask needs.

Our masks are separated out into three general categories: the SUM, or Sports Utility Mask; perfect for motorcycles, boats, ATV’s, UTV’s and a whole crap load of other uses. The Tactical Mask, perfect for paintball and Airsoft; and the EFP, Save Phace’s newest addition and standing for Extreme Face Protector.

First off, the SUMs. These masks are perfect for anyone who loves high speed bass boats, motorcycles, sand rails, ATVs, jet skis,or whatever your creative minds can come up with. Every mask comes standard with a Light Smoked high quality optical lens featuring a military grade Anti Fog and Anti abrasion resistant coatings with UV protection.Save Phace SUM - Black Mamba For added convenience, one size fits all, but not like those stupid hats that don’t fit anybody. These masks have adjustable straps in the back and can fit comfortably over most prescription or sunglasses, adding up to a mask that can fit 98% of all seven billion of us. For you math whizzes, that’s a hell of a lot.

The Next revolutionary kick ass product is our line of tactical masks. Perfect for paintball or airsoft and used in law enforcement and military training, these masks have a ton to brag about. They were voted as the world’s “Most Comfortable” and “Safest Mask,” which is pretty much what matters when you’re in the line of fire. They all come with Save Phace Carnage sweat-absorbent, durable RWI (removable, washable, interchangeable) foam that won’t fall apart like some of that other crappy foam you may have played with and has been proven not to slip while being worn. The visor and forehead plate are removable, providing the lowest profile mask you can find and adding to the customizable look already provided by the fact that – get this – we allow custom airbrushing of our masks. That’s right. Now you can have a mask with that Siberian tiger design you’ve always wanted. Or some nice flowers – I don’t judge.

Anything with Extreme in the title has to be good, so let’s move on to the EFP masks,( Extreme Face Protectors), the world’s first welding mask with a 180-degree lens design offering you ear to ear viewing area.  I’ll stop right there and let your mind catch up….. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also the Gen X Series featuring the world’s 1st and ONLY ADF (auto-darkening filter) lens integrated into a 180-degree lens design. These badass masks are perfect for Extreme Face Protectorswelding, sanding, grinding, splash guarding, or pretty much anything you can think of. There really isn’t anything to say about these bad boys except that they’re completely, utterly; amazingly revolutionary and you have to see it to believe it.

We strive to bring you the best, and we can say with confidence that we’ve done it. Voted the world leader in face protection, Save Phace has no equal – but if you manage to find one, send them to us. We’re always up for a challenge.

Connect with us online or give us a call to get more information on purchasing one – 1-866-783-3223 ext 3.

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