The Ultimate Motorcycle Mask

Forty-seven of the fifty states have some sort of a law about who needs to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, so chances are that you live in one of them. Acceptable helmets can range from half helmets to a full motorcycle face masks, but, as many riders know, the half helmet just doesn’t cut it when a bug smacks into you going 65 miles an hour. Here’s how to avoid a ticket and look bad-ass in the process with the ultimate motorcycle mask.

Full helmets get hot, really hot. So Save Phace has developed a revolutionary new technology called “You Don’t Actually Need to Suffer When Going for a Ride.” Recent scientific advances have led to the discovery that having more space around your head can actually cool you off, reducing the risk of nasty, sweaty hair by around 80 percent. Enter the SUM.

Ultimate Bug Eater

Standing for Sports Utility Mask, Save Phace’s SUM is the perfect solution for keeping you cool – in temperature and in style. These airbrushed masks are made out of ABS plastic, renowned for its toughness and flexibility and used in such diverse applications as bumper cars and even some particularly colorful tattoo inks. What’s more awesome than a tattoo that protects you from the face-blistering winds of highway riding? How about making you look like the freaking Ghost Rider (the comic, not the Nicholas Cage movie… bleh) while doing it?

Any state that isn’t Illinois, Iowa, or New Hampshire has some sort of motorcycle helmet law in place and twenty of the remaining states require all riders to wear head protection. Remember that some states require you to wear a full helmet no matter what, so always be sure to check your state’s policy before deciding that you’re going to look way cooler than everyone else on the road. You can find an overview of the laws here.

Protect your phace. Ride safe. Do it in style. If none of our masks are good enough for you, have us make you a custom one and shame us for not thinking of your killer design. No one will ever debate your uber bad-assery again… guaranteed.

Want some of this? Call us at 1-866-783-3223 EXT.3 and get SUM!

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