Airsoft History and The Future of Face Protection Masks

By understanding a little bit about Airsoft history, we can see what the future of face protection masks looks like.

Airsoft has been getting increasingly popular over the last few years and, in the United States, is often regarded as the more realistic and less expensive version of paintball. In many other countries, however, airsoft is the go-to adrenaline rush and has been since its invention.

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What are you looking at?

Widely accepted as having been pioneered in Japan in the 60s or 70s, airsoft was started when the Japanese government banned the private ownership of handguns and rifles. In an attempt to regain some of the thrill of owning and firing these weapons, several entrepreneurial citizens decided that manufacturing realistic-looking plastic weapons was a viable alternative. And so airsoft was born.

But enough with the boring history lesson! We’re here to shoot people in the ass and ask questions later. Not much is more satisfying than looking downrange at your target, squeezing the trigger, and witnessing the immediate reaction as your well-aimed BB hits its mark. On the slightly less fun end of things is when you’re the one in the crosshairs. Getting hit in the cheek with a bit of hard plastic traveling at 400+ feet per second is about as enjoyable as it sounds, so before you Rambo-style your way across no-man’s-land it’s good to be prepared.

Airsoft masks provide the hardcore protection needed to stop these imitation bullets, and Save Phace stands high above its competition with its line of tactical masks that are designed to take any beating your enemies can throw (or shoot) at you. With superior comfort, performance, and the sickest paint jobs, you can expect to find, these bad boys will keep you safe from anyone stupid enough to mess with you.

These top-of-the-line masks are designed with your inner warrior in mind and can come pre-painted or choose a custom design with camouflage for any killer snipers out there. Save Phace also prides themselves on their welding masks, and if they can stop pieces of liquid metal from burning your pretty face then a little BB isn’t going to do crap to them. These masks are built to last and can stand up to anything from the occasional unfortunate headshot to a wicked dolphin dive for your head-mounted camera montage.

With a 180-degree field of view, wicked paint jobs, and best-in-class performance, these masks will stand the test of time on the battlefield. Now go and make your team proud, soldier.

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