Tips for Buying Tactical Face Protection

Save Phace Tips for Buying Tactical Face Protection

Save Phace

Tactical face protection is everything, especially when taking enemy fire from Airsoft or paintball enemies. There is nothing quite like shooting your opponents to all hell and back while they beg for mercy. On the other hand, taking enemy fire can be painful two-fold. The worst spot to get hit is anywhere above the neck. Not only it is dangerous, it just flat out hurts. What’s worse is the feeling of AirSoft BBs and paintballs pelting your face without the proper face protection.  With that in mind, we’ve worked with AirSoft players, ‘Ballers and Law Enforcement agencies to design a tactical mask that will stand up to anything you throw (or shoot) at it.

So what are some of the things that make a good Tactical mask?

  • Safety: Not all masks are created equal when it comes to safety, you want the best, especially when it comes to the lens. Some lenses crumble after being shot, some can be shot with a 1/4″ steel ball up to 500fps with no cracking or penetration.
  • Fogging: When you’re looking for a paintball mask, you want one that won’t fog up on you.  Try to find a mask with lenses that are coated with a patented Military Grade Anti Fog coating that prevents fogging down to 10 degrees and up to 132 degrees. You’ll be able to see clearly with this mask.
  • Lenses: All the anti fog coating in the world won’t help you if the lens on your mask is no good.  You want your lens to provide the best peripheral vision of any tactical mask for sale, and each lens should be able to be popped in and out in 10Save Phace Blog seconds or less.
  • Comfort: When you’re out in the field, either playing or working, you don’t want to be wearing an uncomfortable mask.  Look for a mask that fits 96% of the population, like ours.  You also shouldn’t have to worry about Jell Caps or AirSoft BBs coming through the holes in your mask and hitting your face, thanks to vent plugs.
  • Graphics: Who wants to wear a boring white mask?  You want a mask that reflects your style both on and off the paintball course.  Some tactical masks come with sweet graphics, and some can even be customized with your team’s logo or colors.

When buying a tactical mask for work or play, you want one that can handle anything you come across, especially your enemies crosshairs.  Our Tactical Masks have been field-tested in Iraq, so you know they’ll be able to stand up to the worst conditions.  If you want more information on the right mask for your crazy hobbies, hit us up on Twitter and Facebook or check out the website and we’ll clue you in on the sickest masks in the business.

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