Motorcycle Face Masks: With our Without a Helmet.

Save Phace Makes Great Motorcycle Face Masks

Unless you’re Bear Grylls or Les Stroud, you probably don’t want to eat bugs on a regular basis, especially while riding your motorcycle.  If you want protein, go eat a steak.  Save Phace has created a unique line of motorcycle face masks that keep your grill clean all while representing the sweet side of bad ass.

Wild Motorcycle Face Masks

Motorcylce face protection

If you want face protection while riding your motorcycle, and don’t need to wear a full helmet, you do have another option.  Save Phace masks were designed with you in mind. These one of a kind, well build are hot looking face masks were built to keep your mug protected.

Our Sport Utility Mask (or SUM) protects your face from rain drops that can feel like 1,000 needles stinging your face, extreme pain from hitting bugs, windblown face, flapping cheeks, the ringing in your ears from the howling wind, road debris, mud and almost anything else the open road can throw at you.

No matter whether you wear a helmet or not, these masks can protect your money maker.

We’ve tested our SUM at speeds up to 100 MPH and guess what…? You don’t have to worry about adjusting your mask whenever you look to the right, left, or even behind you – the sport utility mask goes where you go. In addition, our lens are designed to maximize your peripheral vision giving you great vision while virtually eliminating eye strain and eye fatigue so you can wear it all day. Each lens is treated with an anti-fog, anti-scratch and UV coatings at the factory, so it will NOT fog up!

Made from tough and durable ABS plastic, the Sport Utility Mask is designed for safety and comfort, two very important things when you’re riding the open road on your motorcycle.  Whether you’re taking a long road trip, or you’re just heading down the street, these masks will make your ride more comfortable.  They’re also designed to withstand the most extreme conditions.  So if you want a motorcycle mask that cold weather nor hot weather can penetrate, you’ll want a Sport Utility Mask.  They’re also pretty sweet looking, too.  You won’t find a boring ass mask in our inventory.  You can get a SUM to match your bike or your personal style too because we can create customized face protection.

Keep in mind that some states require the use of motorcycle helmets, and you should always check your local safety laws to find out their specific requirements when it comes to head and face protection.  If you want more information on how a Save Phace mask can change the way you ride, call click or visit:




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  1. david says:

    do you have a phace mask that will fit under a half helmet?

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