15 Uses for a Save Phace Mask

15 Uses for a Face Mask

Think that a Save Phace mask is just another paintball or Airsoft mask?  Think again.  Save Phace masks provide face protection for a number of different types of activities and extreme sports.  Here’s a list of 15 ways to use a Save Phace mask. Of course this is just a sample, there are hundreds of uses for our stupid-cool masks.

Tactical Series in action!

1.    Air Boat Riding: No more bugs and water in your face

2.    Four Wheeling: Keep the mud out of your eyes

3.    Projects Around the House: From pressure washing to weed whacking

4.    Paintball: Get the best peripheral vision on the market with our tactical mask

5.    Cross Country Skiing: Don’t let the cold get in the way of your fun

6.    Wake Boarding: Keep the water out of your face when you’re coasting on the waves

7.    Skiing/Snowboarding: Enjoy the slopes without the cold wind in your face

8.    Landscaping: Chop down weeds and mow the lawn without breathing in too much pollen

9.    Snowmobiling: Speed off in style without suffering from freezer burn

10. Dune Buggies: Keep the sand out of your mouth as you’re speeding along the beach

11. Jet Skis: Perform all the water stunts you want without getting sprayed

12. Motorcycling: Protect your face from debris and bugs on the road

13. AirSoft: Become a warrior on the AirSoft field with your sweet camouflage mask

14. Law Enforcement: Our Tactical Mask was designed with the help of Law Enforcement agencies

15. Military: Our masks are field-tested in Iraq to stand up to anything

There are tons of other masks out there that claim to protect your face. There is only company out there that truly gives a crap about what we make. We know for a fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of other uses for a Save Face mask. Check out our Facebook page to see what others are saying… hell, we dare you to go on out page and ask “Hi, I am looking for a mask, are these guys worth a damn”? GO!

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